Your Website is a Venus Fly Trap


Venus Fly Trap

A Website Is A Venus Fly Trap

A good website grows with your business. We link to think of them as venus fly traps.


All your activity online and offline that brings your website to life. Your social media campaigns, newsletters, guest blogs, and backlinks.


The content of your site. Your about page, services, videos, blogs, reviews, recipes. Water regularly and watch your SEO grow.


Venus Fly Traps plants need to be kept moist. Your website does too; it requires your care and attention to make it the selling machine it needs to be. Update it regularly – Google loves it and your audience does too.

Fly Traps

How do you want to capture each site visitor? Through mailing list sign ups, buy now buttons, a call to action to contact you? Attract those potential customers with great content, and convert by placing fly traps throughout your site.


A solid foundation for growth. Always growing. Your website needs to grow as your business grows and changes. Add on e-commerce, new ways to connect on social media, portfolios. WordPress makes it easy.

About the Author:

Leader of the Artsy Geek team and creator of Camp Artsy Geek, Jen comes from a long line of get-rich-quick-schemers. A serial entrepreneur, she launched her first business at the age of 12: a crocheted goods pop-up. A lover of good design and effective marketing, Jen believes that life -- and business -- should be fun and enjoyable. Life is short! Follow your dreams and train your brain to support your success. We're in this together. Rock on!


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