Your Website is a Delicious Slice of Layer Cake A La Mode!


Slice of cake with scoop of ice cream

Layer Cake Infographic

Did you know that your website has a unique ten-digit address?

To understand all the different layers of technology that make up your website, consider the layer cake analogy:

Top Layer: Your Web Host

Where your website files live. That is actual space on a server or cloud that you rent on a monthly or annual basis. Many domain registrars also offer web hosting. All your files, graphics, text, and applications (such as WordPress) all live here and together create the experience your visitors have when they visit your domain name.

Middle Layer: Your DNS Host

Your domain name is linked with a unique IP address such as 123.45.678.90. All the computers that make up the internet can’t communicate using domain names, so instead, they find each other through the use of these IP addresses. DNS is the framework of the internet that connects these domain names to their appropriate IP address. Unless you’ve set up a specific DNS hosting account, it’s a safe bet that your DNS is hosted by either your domain registrar or your web host.

Bottom Layer: Your Domain Name

When you want to build a website, you start by buying a domain name like or Wherever you bought your domain name is your domain registrar.

On the Side: Your Email

Whether you’re running on Gmail, Outlook or another solution, if you have an email address at your domain name (like, how that works is is specified by the settings in your DNS host.

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