Work with Jen

Jennifer Heller

Join me for working sessions Tuesday through Thursday, 9:30am to 11:30am PST!

In this period of self-quarantine, days can start to feel lonely and isolating.

Let’s keep or minds, bodies, and businesses thriving by coming together (digitally, of course!). We’ll say “hello,” start the day off with some meditation to get the energy flowing, and then get to work.

After an hour of hustling, we will have a much-needed dance party to remove tension and have some fun! Then, we will WORK IT for the remainder of the time.

This will be a video conference call via Zoom. It will be fun to see all our cats, dogs, toddlers, and each other’s faces!

I’m an extrovert and I will probably melt if we don’t do this. Let’s all continue to stay motivated to keep our spirits high and work our way through this quarantine… together!

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9:30-9:45am Welcome & Grounding Meditation

9:45-10:40am WORK IT!!! (microphones muted)

10:40-10:45am Check in & Dance Party

10:45-11:30am WORK IT!!! (microphones muted)