Why LastPass is Your New Best Friend


Monitor with lock and shield

(Alternate title: Please get a password manager, Bro.)

Everyone has had a password nightmare. Either a real life, full-blown panic trying to remember one or an actual nightmare where you’re trying to enter a password (whilst being nude at school).

Using a password manager frees up your memory for things worth remembering AND it’s the safest way to save passwords. Using secure (not easily remembered) passwords is essential for keeping your digital life safe from hackers and password managers make that easy by generating secure passwords easily and then remembering them for you.

But I Use a Passphrase!

Most people have at least fifty passwords. While it’s helpful to use a passphrase such as I’mGonnaMakeItRain2012, it’s not safe to use it over and over again because if one account gets “unlocked” they have the keys to your entire Kingdom!

Benefits of Using a Password Manager:

You Can’t Make That Sh*t Up


You are awesomely creative but even a superhero can’t come up with fifty different variations with a minimum of eight characters and contains upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols.

With a password manager, you only have to create a password once (the master password that unlocks the password manager itself). After that, the password manager can generate all your other passwords for you, taking strength into account.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Stress

You won’t be wasting time filling in usernames and passwords when you go to websites; your password manager does it for you! Cool!

It’s All These Companies Do!

All these companies do all day long is create layers upon layers of security to protect data. They don’t even have the “key to your lockbox” (your one master password). It’s encrypted when it’s sent back to them. That is like sending them a smashed key to your safe deposit box.

If you want even more protection, you can upgrade your free service to add even more authentication steps.

About the Author:

Liz Grant has all kinds of weird stuff in her background, giving her the perfect credentials to be an Artsy Geek copywriter. She’s a Bay Area native, whose parents taught her to think outside the circle. She went to a Zen school, and was once named Child of the Moment. All of the puppet shows and real life characters fired Liz’s imagination. The result is a magical marketing wordsmith, a dating coach and a soon to be semi-famous stand-up comedian.

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