Adding a newsletter signup on your facebook page

Use Mailchimp to add a Mailing List Signup Tab to your Facebook Page

We here at Artsy Geek love MailChimp’s quick, free, and painless mailing list service.

For all you Mailchimp users out there, we wanted to let you know about a great free Mailchimp feature that you may have overlooked.

Mailchimp quickly and easily allows you to add a newsletter signup tab to your Facebook page. Here’s how that tab looks on the Facebook page of our client, Hope Commerce Solutions:

Artsy Geek Facebook Mailchimp Newsletter Signup Tab

When users click on that tab they are taken to a form where they can sign up for your newsletter:

Mailchimp Newsletter Facebook Signup Form

Newsletter subscribers can be gold to your business, so utilizing your Facebook views to up subscriptions is a good move—especially since adding this tab only takes a few minutes.

Watch this 44-second video tutorial on how to add this functionality to your Facebook page, and then be sure to make this tab one of your top four tabs so that people will see it without clicking for more tabs.

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