The Real World Benefits to Writing Thank You Notes to Clients (or Anyone)

Best Practices

Bird with quill writing thank you card

Good For Your Brain

Writing handwritten, personalized and high-quality thank you cards to your clients is good for your brains! In this world of digital communication, the act of actually picking up a pen and writing a note activates a part of the brain that few of us use on a daily basis. Read more about the benefits of handwriting here.

Good For Your Heart

Writing Thank You notes is a powerful act of gratitude, the opposite of Type A behavior (which research shows is harmful). Check it here. Often I feel I don’t have the time or energy to send cards. But when I sit down and invest just a moment or two into sending warm wishes and a blessing to each clients and contacts, I feel better!

It Is More Meaningful

Thank you cards are meaningful, warm, and high-touch in a world that seems increasingly fast and cold. It’s the opposite of digital. Ultimately, marketing and sales are about help and service. What better way to demonstrate that truth than old school pen and paper?

Shows Your Support

You’re waving hello and opening a door, reminding them you’re still there for them. We often think that person should automatically just remember to do business with us because we’re so exceptional. Well, the age-old saying “out of sight, out of mind” still holds true for a reason. Your card is a thoughtful reminder that subtly asks, “How might I be of service?”

See It, Feel It, Hold It

Did you know people receive information differently? There’s an entire book on this called The Five Love Languages. Some people who want to hear the words “Thank You” and that’s sufficient. The physical object connects with those who love to receive AND those that want to read the words of appreciation in the card, yo!

Helps Build Relationships

Cards build relationships, and out of these relationships repeat business is fostered. And you’re 50% more likely to get the best possible kind of new business…word of mouth referrals.

Do you want more facts on how worth it is it? The ROI (Return on Investment)? Check this out.

And if you just want to look at the data as a ROI from a mail campaign, the data is undeniable. Even if you look at the lowest rate of return on mail marketing, 6% return is way better than the average 3% on email marketing. But the majority of information suggests it’s much, much higher than that.

“Notes” to remember with Thank You Notes:

  • You write it!
  • You write it in real ink, not heartless, soulless printer ink.
  • Customize it with a message so that they know this isn’t the same message you wrote to any other client. Think of the client as a friend.
  • No gimmicks, no incentives, no asking for them to share it on social media
    (yuck, hurl, no!).
  • Invest in quality cards and envelopes.

High quality, humorous and unique cards get shared and saved. I believe this so wholeheartedly that we made our own. Check ’em out!

About the Author:

Leader of the Artsy Geek team and creator of Camp Artsy Geek, Jen comes from a long line of get-rich-quick-schemers. A serial entrepreneur, she launched her first business at the age of 12: a crocheted goods pop-up. A lover of good design and effective marketing, Jen believes that life -- and business -- should be fun and enjoyable. Life is short! Follow your dreams and train your brain to support your success. We're in this together. Rock on!


  1. I am glad that your article mentions the importance of bestowing a thank you to clients in both verbal form as well as in card form in order to account for the different avenues that people receive information from. In the future, I want to start a boutique with my wife once all of our children move on to college. I will look further into the benefits that can arise with cards in order to give our future business the positive atmosphere we would want it to have.

    26 Reply
  2. I found it helpful when you said that you can foster repeat business since cards build relationships. As you said, they can also ensure the best possible kind of new business. This is something that businesses must consider in order to make their clients feel cared for. I could imagine how monogrammed note cards for every purchase could make a big benefit when it comes to the reputation of a company.

    29 Reply

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