The Future of Business Cards?


The business card will always be associated with face-to-face networking, which sometimes seems pretty lo-fi in the digital age.

While digital marketing is an essential component of any well-rounded strategy, we are a firm believer that printed brand collateral will always have its place. A business card is the lasting impression left in the hands of a potential client — the handshake they can hold on to.

Where else do you have the challenge of communicating who you are and what you do within seven square inches (sexy die cuts notwithstanding)? It’s the elevator pitch of printed brand collateral, and you gotta make it count.

But what else can you do besides design the heck out of it?

We’re living in the age of innovation, and business owners are pressured to constantly think outside of the box. It can be exasperating, and lead one to wonder…

Can we just all go back in the box? It’s nice there.

Over at Artsy Geek we like the challenge. Innovation? Bring it on — that’s the tenant we go by. New technology inspires and challenges us.

We have been geeking out on some pretty dang cool versions of business cards lately. Here are a couple of our favs.

USB Business Cards


These anything-but-dull business cards incorporate high tech paper into a snappy perforated design that turns an ordinary business card into a USB stick drive in one hot second. The USB links to a custom-azing web page. And the digital interface let’s you track individual usage. Oh hi, analytics!

QR Business Cards


Q-R-in for a treat with these gems. Just in case you need a quick refresher, a quick response (QR) code is a two dimensional code that can be scanned and read by smartphone cameras to transfer information.

By placing them on a business card, you are digitally passing on your contact details, directing people to your website, sending them to your Facebook business page or sharing a folder of your most loved selfies. Er, scratch the last one.

Electric Ink


These puppies are embedded with conductive ink circuitry, which basically mimics the electronic signal of a fingerprint. This magical ink allows your potential contacts to tap your card against their mobile screen, and your info settles right into their phone.

It’s the biz card that makes us sing abra abra cadabra, I wanna reach out and grab ya. Or maybe that’s just me. Yep… Definitely just me.

Keyboard Card

Business Card with 3 Keyboard Keys and a USB Cord Plugged In

This keyboard company made a card that is a keyboard. This miniature open source keyboard design has three keys that type the URL to the company’s website, email, and Facebook page. It’s so meta that it basically hurts our brain… in a good way. Although this high tech business card is highly niched, it definitely reminds us that some of the most stand out marketing comes from crazy creativity.

What do you think?

Would any of these business cards work to help you stand out of the crowd?

About the Author:

Lindsay loves animals, hot weather, acrylic nails and eggplant. She is married, and lives with her husband, pug and cat in less-than-sunny Seattle. Her mission is not to change the world, but to make sure it looks hella awesome.

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