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The most effective marketing doesn’t need to be daily or weekly — it needs to be strategic.
Here are three questions to ask yourself before posting, scheduling, or sharing:

1. Does this help establish my business as ___________________?

Fill in the blank. How do you want to be perceived?

Take us for example. We want to be seen as fun, approachable and knowledgeable. A good post for us helps to drive home that we’re any –- or all –- of those qualities.

Bonus points if your share also communicates how you might solve a need your client might have.

2. Can I say this more succinctly or engagingly?

Unless it’s a truly captivating article, people don’t read on the web anymore. It’s sad, but it’s true.

All marketing content should be broken into smaller paragraphs for legibility.

Graphics are king on social media platforms and when blogging. Adding infographics, photos or instagrams adds instant pizzazz to what your share.

3. Is it well branded?

We recognize the logos and fonts of major brands because they’re consistent.

Sticking with specific color schemes, font faces and logo treatments adds a level of credibility and polish to your business that cannot be overlooked.

About the Author:

Lindsay loves animals, hot weather, acrylic nails and eggplant. She is married, and lives with her husband, pug and cat in less-than-sunny Seattle. Her mission is not to change the world, but to make sure it looks hella awesome.

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