Social Media Imagery Cheat Sheet 2018

CHANGE! That seems to be the motto for all things social media, and we want you to be in the know. Check back with us every year for updates on how to best display your social media imagery, no matter what platform(s) you use! So here is your guide to image sizing for social media – enjoy!

Social Media Cheat Sheet 2018



Facebook Image Sizes

Cover Photo 851×310 px
Event Cover 500×262 px
Group Cover 820×428 px
Profile Photo 180×180 px (min size)
Link Image 1200×630 px
Shared Image 1200×630 px


Twitter Image Sizes

Cover Photo 1500×500 px
Profile Photo 200×200 px (min size)
Share Image 1024×512 px (on timeline 440×220)
Share Link 520×254 px


Instagram Image Sizes

Profile Photo 150×150 px (min size)
Photo Size 1080×1080 px


Google+ Image Sizes

Profile Photo 250×250 px (min size)
Cover Photo 968×545 px
Share Image 502×282 px
Share Link 502×250 px


Linkedin Image Sizes

Profile Photo 400×400 px (min size)
Cover Photo 1584×396 px (1350×220 px visible area)
ShareImage 520×320 px
Share Link 520×272 px


Pinterest Image Sizes

Profile photo 165×165 px (min size)
Board Display 222×150 px
Share Pin 236x X px (no height limit)


Youtube Image Sizes

Channel Icon 800×800 px
Channel Art 2560×1440 px
Video Thumbnail 16:9

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