Social Media ImageCheatSheet

Social Media Imagery Cheat Sheet

CHANGE! That seems to be the motto for all things social media, and we want you to be in the know. Check back with us every year for updates on how to best display your social media imagery, no matter what platform(s) you use! So here is your guide to image sizing for social media – enjoy!



Cover photo 851×315
Event Cover 784×295
Group Cover 801×250
Profile photo 180×180
Tab 111×74
Link image 1200×627
Shared image 1200×630


Twitter images

Header 1500×500
Profile photo 400×400
Shared photo 1024×1024
In-stream preview 220×440


Google+ Images

Profile photo 250×250
Cover photo  1080×608
Shared image 250×250


Linked In Images

Standard logo  400×400
Profile Photo 500×500
Cover Photo 646×220
Share image 100mb max  Profile “Background” 1400 x 425


Pinterest Images

Profile photo 165×165
Board Thumbnail 222×150
Pin 736xInfinite


Instagram Images

Profile photo 110×110 min
Photo Size 1080×1080


Youtube Images

Channel Icon
Channel Art 2560×1440
Video Thumbnail 1280×720

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