Why WordPress?

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Why Do We Recommend a WordPress Site?

Over 40 million users (from individuals to companies big and small) trust WordPress to manage their content. Although WordPress was initially started in 2003 as a blogging platform, it stretches far beyond blogging, and acts as a powerful, flexible and intuitive content management system. And, as you can see from our portfolio, WordPress has no inherent limitations on design style or layout.

Easy to Use, Easy to Update

WordPress allows site owners to add and edit the content of their sites without any programming know-how. WordPress is an open source, easy-to-use application that allows you to publish pages and blog posts, edit content, upload images, embed videos, and keep your site updated. If you can use email, you can learn WordPress!

Be Found

Due to the natively search-engine friendly way that WordPress structures content, search engines LOVE WordPress! This means your pages will return in search results quickly and more often. Additionally, many of the 15,000+ plugins available on WordPress support your site to rank better with search engines, giving you a myriad of tools to boost your site to the front of the crowd.

Leverage Social Media

As social network referrals (like Facebook and Twitter) increasingly become a crucial way to reach audiences, WordPress stands shoulders above other options in how easily it integrates social media. With the capabilities of thousands of innovative social media plug-ins, you can easily keep your site connected to social networks.

Room for Growth

If sites like The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo, and Ben & Jerry’s use WordPress, you know your site, no matter how big it gets, will ride safely on the WordPress platform. Functionalities like e-commerce, store locators, and surveys are easy to add now or in the future. And because WordPress is used by so many and updated regularly, you won’t be left in the dust with outdated software, making WordPress a good choice for future growth.

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