Website Development FAQ

How much “site” work is included? What pages will be created initially and who will generate the content for them?

Included is a customized WordPress set up. This includes up to 5 static pages. If you require content generation services, we can give you a quote that includes that. Otherwise, we will use the content on your current site and any other content you provide.

What art assets will be created?

We create a customized design that embodies your business’s unique identity. This includes but is not limited to: unique header, background, and navigation menu.

Who owns the art after it’s created? Will I receive the original assets?

You own everything unless you have given us files that aren’t originally yours! We might use your art in our portfolio, but that link will only give you more exposure and SEO-juice.

How involved will you be during each step of the development process?

We closely work together with our clients, as communication is essential for success. You can call us anytime.

What WordPress plugins are supported exactly, and how will they fit my needs?

This depends on your needs. 🙂 We’ve worked with dozens and dozens of plugins and bring this expertise to every project. If you have questions about any specific plugins or have heard from friends of a good one, let’s talk!

Some of our favorite options available are: image slider, various types of image galleries, twitter feed, latest tweet, Facebook stream, custom contact form – the list goes on…

What platforms (browsers) do you guarantee support for? Mobile devices?

Your website will work in all modern browsers. Our websites are designed to work just as well and retain your look and feel — though display differently — on ipads and mobile devices.

What about hosting?

You can set-up your own hosting or choose one of our hosing plans.

Who is in charge of maintenance, upgrades, and backups to the site/plugins, and what are the costs involved?

Either you can take that on, or we have various options of ongoing service that we offer.

Once the site is done, what rates can you expect for additional changes?

– For instance, if I decide to add a webstore

We currently charge a $75 minimum or $125 an hour for changes. We also have a variety of ongoing service packages that include back ups, plugin upgrades and changes per month. If you require a large number of changes or one big change (such as wanting a web store), we are happy to provide a quote free of charge so you can make an informed decision.

What is the timeline for completion?

A number of factors impact the timeline. Provided we get feedback or input from our clients in a timely manner, we can design and build an awesome new website in under six weeks.

What does “social network integration” mean specifically – what social networks do you integrate with and to what degree?

This is a great question. What social networking do you want to integrate? We do it all: Pinterest, twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, etc. Social networking integration means to allow visitors to both share your content on their favorite social media sites (like a share this link), and allow them to connect with you on yours.

What does strategic “calls to action” mean?

A strategic call to action is a customized graphic or button that suggests to people to do something that you want them to. For instance, it could be some graphical, “Schedule an appointment today!” The specifics will depend on your particular business.

What other types of marketing are provided with the services?

A fantastic website is the best possible foundation for all marketing. When you chose to work with us, you get access to our years of working with and advising our clients on their marketing and branding.

What if I just need a really simple website with only a few pages?

Whether you need four pages or twenty, it doesn’t really matter to us. We put the same amount of loving care into each website we build — that’s one of the many benefits of working with us. You’re going to end up with a site that you can update and maintain — you’ll never have to ask us for help updating content or adding pages and images again unless you want to. You’ll also end up with something that stands apart from the crowd, which can be priceless when attracting new clients. When you work with us, you get a solid and flexible foundation that will serve you in the long run. We’ve built sites that are now five or six years old that companies large and small are still using and updating daily. We can do the same for you!