E-Commerce Websites

Making a Successful Ecommerce Website

Having an online store on your website is a great way to bring in revenue. We have worked with companies large and small to get them up and selling. Here are some of the guidelines we follow when making successful e-commerce websites:

Contact Information Clearly Posted

Contact information should be listed on every single page. Phone numbers, along with a physical address, fax number, and e-mail address prominently listed ensure integrity and make communication and purchases more efficient.

Strong Search Functionality

Within your site, you want the ability to track down product specifics such as size and availability, and also to have the ability for customers to see what other customers who purchased that product bought.

Clear Call-to-Action Buttons

You want your call to action buttons (i.e. buy now, order here, download it here) to be before the first 600 pixels on your Web page. Ideally, these buttons should appear on every page. Each page should lead you to an action, such as a purchase, or to a form. There should be a clear end result to every product on the page.

Customer Retention

Put systems in place to keep in touch with past customers. Building an ecommerce business often means keeping a “base” of repeat customers coming back for more. As new customers enter the funnel, they build on top of the base that is already there. Combined, the two drive the business toward growth. There are numerous ways to retain customers. Offline methods such as postcard follow-ups, coupon offers, brochures, and more. Online methods include much of the same, although the delivery is usually via email.

Whether you need to sell a few products or a thousand, Artsy Geek will get your customer to the BUY button. Contact us to get started!