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Effective Branding Attracts Your Audience to Your Business’ Personality

Your brand is what makes you stand apart in today’s world filled with 7,219,553,675 human beings and millions of businesses. We work with you to discover and visually represent your business personality. Before we do, we take the time to get to know you, your business goals, your aesthetics, and the aesthetics and goals of your ideal customer.

What is a Visual Brand Identity?

Spoiler: It’s more than a logo.

Client Logo Designs

Your brand is why you stand apart.

Whether you’re a company or a person, your brand is a form of identity. The best brands have a clear, distinct look and personality. Not everyone is going to love them, but the key is that your ideal customer does. Your ideal customer wants to hang out with them, inviting them in.

We don’t just design logos.

We design visual identities. We give you the tools, by way of brand usage guidelines – logo, fonts, colors and rules – to keep your brand strong and consistent through all its applications.

The end result is…

A clear and cohesive visual brand that communicates your business identity in a memorable way. Get the perfect look to stand apart and capture the unique magic of your business.

What You Get

What You Get With Artsy Geek

When you embark on a Visual Brand Identity project with us, we set you up for independence & success. We’ve perfected our process over the past decade to ensure a successful project.

After getting to know you and your brand goals, we start the design process and always include →

  • Three diverse logo concepts
  • Three rounds of revisions to perfect the logo of your choice
  • Color options on the logo of your choice
  • Formatting of your final logo in:
    .ai – Native raw file
    .eps – Great for upsizing, downsizing, signage and more
    .pdf – For use in print applications
    .jpg – Print and web. Normally contains a white background
    .tiff – For print applications, generally high resolution
    .png – Web use with a transparent background
  • Coordinating fonts & color scheme
  • Visual Branding Guide for you, your team & any future design professional

Why do you need a Visual Branding Guide?

A consistent brand is a strong brand. Adhering to specific guidelines with the fonts and colors that you use across all platforms is imperative to your brand’s longevity.

The Visual Branding Guide we create for you is your go-to resource for all your brand elements.

Maintaining these core brand ingredients over time will strengthen your brand’s identity, credibility, and equity.

Visual Branding Guide

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