Law Firm Website Design and Rebranding

Considering a new logo, an updated website design, or more intentional marketing for your law firm? Our expert creative services can help your firm make the right first impression, with a brand identity that speaks directly to your clients in a language they understand.

Trust Our Expertise

Artsy Geek has a proven track record of delivering quality branding services for law firms since 2011. We work with lawyers from firms of all sizes to establish brand identities, develop effective websites, and design personalized print collateral that communicates each firm’s professionalism, values, and reputation. Our services include:

  • Logo Design
  • Website Design and Development
  • Print Collateral Design
  • And more!

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Most lawyers are retained through personal referrals, but branding still matters. Whether potential clients are considering you based on a friend’s recommendation or as a result of a web search, they are forming opinions about your abilities based on your brand.

Potential clients look to an attorney’s website and marketing materials for two main reasons: to establish trust and to determine competency. Aligning your visuals and messaging with your practice’s values is paramount to connecting with clients. Artsy Geek can emphasize your strengths in style.

Our work with Levine Family Law bears this out. Since our logo and website redesign, visitors to their site browse 93% longer and visit 36.5% more pages than before. The site also utilizes a dynamic form to capture essential information from potential clients. Our elegant solution works on all devices and replaces an outdated, unintuitive form, creating a modern and engaging onboarding process for new clients.

Whether your firm’s brand is sleek, traditional, or even quirky, Artsy Geek’s team of creatives and web developers work together to ensure an impactful user experience that communicates your firm’s personality without sacrificing tech savvy. Traditional legal branding shouldn’t be paired with outdated tools.

Levine Law

Websites That Drive New Clients

Law firm website design runs the gamut from simple, single-page sites to complex systems navigating dozens of pages. Any format can be successful, as long as the strategy is sound. We can optimize your site to increase client confidence and secure new leads. Whether we’re designing your new website from the ground up, or updating an existing site in need of a facelift, Artsy Geek’s designs ensure your site is set up to convert new clients via easy, intuitive site navigation and clear call-to-action buttons.

Donohoe Talbert

Before our redesign, divorce attorneys Donohoe Talbert’s website was not doing them any favors. It featured old photos and a stale, static interface that turned clients away. The new website features unique, compelling animation and functional elements that neatly organize news and updates. The responsive homepage layout easily accommodates their growing team, which has doubled in size since the site launch. Most importantly, the new site is designed with clear calls to action that lead clients to schedule a consultation.

Let us represent you in the digital realm so you can focus on representing your clients in the real world.

Crafting Narratives

One of our core services is Brand Storytelling, a comprehensive approach to messaging and branding that gives your firm a strong marketing backbone, informs external communications, and makes it easy to get new team members up to speed. Together, we define your brand archetype, ideal client personas, unique value proposition, and key messages. This process is especially valuable to law firms, since prospective clients are highly attuned to small details when making important or costly choices like selecting an attorney. 

What are the goals and values of your law firm? What story do you want each client experience to tell? Crafting a narrative with Artsy Geek sets your clients’ expectations and lays the table for their relationship with you. This foundation helps you easily communicate your values and makes it easy for clients to recognize the value you would bring to their legal journey.

Brand Storytelling
Brand Storytelling

In working with Hello Divorce, a boutique divorce service, we put the Artsy Geek stamp on every facet of their brand, from advertisement to intake to social. We developed sales funnels to ensure their ads would convert; we designed beautiful, intuitive intake paperwork so that the new client onboarding experience would be a success; we even created and managed their editorial content calendar to establish a strong social media presence. There’s truly nothing we can’t do when it comes to law firm marketing.

The Finishing Touches

If your law firm’s brand is a delicious ice cream sundae, print design is the cherry on top. Bring your brand into the real world with tangible materials and signage that will impress clients and keep them coming back for more.

No brand is complete without its accompanying business card. From strong and traditional to sleek and modern, and everything in between, we’re here to design the card that will give your potential clients a lasting impression of you and your firm.

And why stop there? There’s no limit to what you can do in print: with everything you need to create amazing client onboarding documents, bus ads, billboards, and more, we’re your one-stop shop for beautiful print design.

Letterpress Business Cards
Billboard Design

Ready to elevate your law firm and embody your brand?

Your legal services deserve to be presented to the world with care and intention. With our proven experience in law firm website design and branding, Artsy Geek can ensure your law firm’s online presence and print collateral are fresh, modern, and attractive to potential clients. An updated brand identity could exceed your expectations, opening doors to more ambitious goals and expanded services. What happens at the next level?

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