Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing can feel a bit like the Wild West:
Lots of opportunities, but no clear road.

We can advise you on the quickest, most sure and cost-effective path to your goals.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is doing smart things with your website content so that you get traffic to your website. When people do a Google Search, their results usually include thousands of websites, but most will not look past the first ten listings. Therefore the closer you are to the top of Page 1 of searches the more likely you will get traffic to your website.

Search engine optimization refers to all the techniques used to get more “points” with the search engines so that your website ranks higher. We analyze your site and how it can access the river of global search engine traffic. Let us help your site make friends with the Googlebot and other search engines to get more traffic and customers.

Choosing The Right Keyword Phrase

Doing SEO well is all about choosing the right keyword phrases.  The best keyword phrases will have three or more words. For instance, it might be hard to rank well for the keyword “jewelry”, but easier to rank well for “engraved gold jewelry.”  Besides ranking well, your keyword phrase needs to be one that people are actually looking for, and that is relevant to your business.

SEO is a delicate art that involves much strategy. Contact us to find out how your business can benefit from SEO.

Google AdWords

Whether you are looking to start a new campaign or want to get more out of your existing campaign, we have the skills to help you get the biggest return for your Google AdWords investment. At Artsy Geek we focus on customer mindset and know how to craft Adwords campaigns that laser-target your ideal customers.

Some of the things you can expect from our campaign management:

What are the targeted keywords? Are they the best keywords to target? We continually come back to keyword research as we learn more from the data.

We research the best locations for your ads to be showing up for and adjust your campaign appropriately.

We use methods to optimize the AdText to increase click through rate (thus lowering the cost per click).

Logical division of keywords into different campaigns and Adgroups to target audiences more precisely and get good data about what is working.

We make recommendations for the layout and content for needed landing pages on the website to get the most important and relevant information in front of the targeted customers and increase conversions.

We constantly analyze the data and make adjustments to the campaign based on what we find.

We communicate regularly to let you know what we are doing and give you data reports and our analysis. We solicit and welcome your feedback as this is crucial to success


Blog Optimization and Ghostwriting

A blog is a great way to keep your company in the minds of your audience, boost search engine rankings, share your expertise, and create content to promote your business on Facebook and other social networks. We provide services to regularly update your blog with search engine optimized content about your company and industry. A regularly updated blog with quality content can drive sales, web traffic, and help your company differentiate itself from the competition.

Newsletter Marketing

A great way to keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis is through newsletters. Artsy Geek can help you strategize, launch, and manage a newsletter campaign. We can even write its content, meaning that reaching your existing customers has never been easier!

Video Marketing

A great way to bring a captivating message to your website, YouTube, Google Places, and across social media is through Video Marketing. Creating a video based on optimized keywords can bring your site more traffic, some video will even let you sell your products directly within Facebook user’s profiles. We can create a video or series of videos that will make your brand come alive to your customers and addresses your marketing goals.


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