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Finding Your Customer Soul Mate

When your customers find you, do they feel like they’ve met their soul mate??
Believe it or not, it’s possible.

Every brand has a personality – and the best ones have a clear, distinct personality. Not everyone is going to love them, but the key is that your ideal customer does. Your ideal customer wants to hang out with them, inviting them in and baring all. We are experts in helping you – whether you’re a company or just a person – develop a unique personality and voice to attract your ideal customer base.

Our Approach

We ooze creativity. We breathe strategy.

Our Brand Storytelling process harnesses the unique approach that we’ve developed over the years working with scores of small businesses and non-profits on their brand communications.

As one of our clients observed, we “have more creativity in our little finger than any of the other firms have in their entire teams.” Awww…shucks! We look at your brand as a person and flesh them out (hee, hee) with a detailed persona.

To ensure we’re making a match made in heaven, we also flesh out your ideal customer personas down to their favorite coffee shop (are dogs allowed?). Knowing both your ideal client personas and your brand inside and out gives you and everyone who works with you (us!) the chance to integrate that brand into every element of your marketing and communications.

By thoroughly understanding your brand goals and who your ideal client is, we will create a stellar, stand-out brand that magnetically attracts your ideal clients.

Process Map

Our Process

Our Brand Storytelling service starts with a deep dive to download your history, expertise, and insights. Over the course of working together, we will…

Build the Foundation

Where has your brand been? What does the landscape look like?

To get up to speed with the history of your business, we review and analyze your previous correspondence, competitor brands and other background materials.

What Makes You a Unicorn?

We enumerate all the wonderful ways you provide value to your clients or customers.

Core Values

Defining your core values gives you an easy gut-check to ensure that every action and decision is in line with your brand vision and mission.

Ideal Client Personas

Remembering Star Clients

We start by looking at the clients you’ve loved working with. What did they have in common? Why did you love working with them?

Psychographics and Demographics

Based on your star clients, we extrapolate the overall psychographics and demographics of your ideal clients.

In a Persona

We want marketing your business to be as easy as wondering “What would Javier think of this?” To that goal, we develop three ideal client personas, complete with a story of how they met your brand.

Your Brand Persona

Your Brand Archetype

Brand archetypes are based on psychological characteristics and motivations that humans all share. These are the qualities that inform our desires and drive us to particular actions. We define what brand archetype embodies your vision AND attracts your ideal client.

With Flesh & Bones

We flesh out your brand as a person that is irresistibly attractive to your ideal clients.

Your Brand Story

Key Messages

Key messages are what your ideal clients need to hear. Based on your brand goals and your ideal client personas, we define what are the most important key messages to keep in mind for your marketing.

Unique Value Proposition

We distill your key messages to one unique value proposition; the most important message to always get across in your marketing.

Word Association

This fun activity defines what words work and what words don’t to describe your brand. Keeping this list close at hand is a quick check to ensure your marketing is on point.

How to Tell Your Brand Story

Everyone loves a good story. We define the most effective ways to tell your brand story and how to weave various components of it into your marketing.

Your Brand Storytelling Guide

We compile all of the above work into a branded guidebook for all your future marketing and incorporate two rounds of your feedback.

Your Brand Storytelling Guide has everything you need to employ consistent messaging throughout all your marketing and communications. Share it with your team (present and future) and reference it often for a strong, consistent and engaging brand presence across all platforms. Whenever you’re developing collateral or wondering what to say, just remember the relationship between your brand persona and your ideal client. What does your ideal client persona need to hear today? And how would your brand persona say it?

A Consistent Brand is a Strong Brand

With our Brand Storytelling Guide in hand, the essence or feeling of your brand can be infused into every detail of your website, social media and content marketing.

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