Transform Your Relationship with Money with Levity and Gratitude

The Play with Your Money Workbook shows you how to play with money energy. It’ll turn the tables of dread over managing your balance sheet, lighten it up and with that bring a zap of gratitude and levity to your day.

What relief you’ll feel when dollars become donuts rolling in on the wheels of karma. That’s the idea, lighten it up a bit, add some Play with Your Money tools to your life and beat back your old scripts that keep you bound to financial seriousness.

You get to play with the dough, leave your money worries in the dustbin and start interacting with money in a different way so that you can have a more open and friendly, warm relationship which will draw more of it to you.

Now that sounds like fun!


Money is Simply Energy

How are you and money getting along these days? Are you happy and playing well together? Everybody needs healthy relationships — including and especially with the one you have with money. How do you kindle the flame of attraction and keep it burning in the pocketbook department? It’s easier than you think.

Piggy Bank

Our Play with Your Money Workbook will help you to cultivate joy in handling the green stuff. What is money anyway?

  • It’s not really real.
  • It’s a collective concept.
  • It’s the energy of giving and receiving.
  • It’s energy we exchange for goods.
  • It’s energy forked over for talent.
  • It’s the energy flowing, hopefully, more in than out of your bank accounts.


“To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it!”

Charlie Chaplin

Have you ever started a relationship from a place of fear or maybe somebody was in fear of you?

Fear is not attractive. Fear, longing, coveting and loathing, these things do not draw you in. They repel. This is the same way it works with money because money is simply energy. The Play with Your Money Workbook shows you how to play with money energy. It’ll change the way you approach money and put play back in your day.

The Play with Your Money Workbook includes some fun tricks to flip the script of financial seriousness.

  • Stash some bucks in findable places
  • Learn to make cash fly
  • Take your debit card out to lunch

Change your mindset, play with your money!