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Here’s a secret: It’s not enough to be motivated and driven in your business. You also need to be strategic, thoughtful and plan ahead.

When we define our goals and marketing plans in writing, we give our brain, creativity, and Spirit a plan, allowing us to relax and enjoy the ride.

Our “Keep it Simple, Schweetheart!” Marketing Plan Workbook is a container for your lofty visions that will support you in executing the steps necessary to achieve them. You and your business deserve to be seen. This workbook will support you in making that happen.

“You don’t need more time, you just need to decide.” – Seth Godin

Research shows that when we write down specifically what we are going to do toward achieving our vision, we are two to three times more likely to follow through.

What is a marketing plan?

A marketing plan maps ways your business can grow through visibility and relationships. It should be achievable and sustainable but it will likely challenge you to stretch outside your comfort zone. It’s not fixed. It evolves over time, much like you and your business.

Why you need one:

Road trips without an idea of where you’re going can be fun sometimes. However, running a business without a plan adds heaps of stress to the inherently dynamic (chaotic?) nature of entrepreneurship. Leave the spontaneity for Sunday drives instead.

What you’re going to get:

Our “Keep it Simple, Schweetheart” Marketing Plan Workbook, our “This is Your Year!” Marketing Calendar, and a video starring Chief Artsy Geek and Brand Strategist Jennifer Heller, guiding you through the process. Wahoo!

Where will your business be next year?

Arm yourself with a reasonable and achievable marketing plan to support your dreams.

“I’ve bought so many online courses and books. Still, I always felt drawn in a million different directions.

This marketing plan workbook got me organized, inspired, and strategic.

Now I feel focused. Like I’m spending my energy where I should be.”

Erin Levine

Levine Family Law Group & Hello Divorce