Set Your Sails to Guide You to Your Highest Desires

What’s so amazing about our Amazing Affirmation Worksheet? It will help you create affirmations focused on results. Your subconscious then becomes your greatest ally, working behind the scenes to support you in creating the reality of which you dream.

Includes a gorgeous printable poster that you can use to keep your Amazing Affirmation top-of-mind as you watch your dreams unfold.

“Whatever you believe about yourself on the inside, is what will manifest on the outside.” – John Assaraf


Feelings Are The Key

How do you feel about what you want?

Affirmations work to manifest what you want when you’ve got the power of your feelings aligned with your highest desires. The Amazing Affirmation Worksheet asks questions to help you build affirmations step-by-step that tell it like it is to the deeper layers of your consciousness.

Your mind believes the messages you repeat to yourself. Especially those infused with emotion. Start by getting the input clear and positive in the here and now, then your unconscious brain picks up the slack and works to transform your reality. Put amazing messages into your brain and voilà, you get more amazing!


Affirmations seep into your brain on an unconscious level.

The Amazing Affirmations Worksheet teaches you how to talk directly to the unconscious mind to get your desires and actions headed in the same direction. If you don’t feed your brain the right stuff in the right way, you’ll be sending confusing signals that will not help move you forward. What you need is the right strategy based on how the brain really works to help you create the most effective affirmations.

Create the reality you want to live with the Amazing Affirmations Worksheet!