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Teak Warehouse Website Design

Teak Warehouse, the largest USA seller of outdoor furniture, has relied on Artsy Geek for their online and print marketing needs. After tackling a vast array of print advertising and promotional materials, we moved in to transform their online marketing:

  • In-depth SEO work for the company improved organic traffic for relevant search phrases 70%
  • We made Google AdWords campaigns run more efficiently than ever – meaning more customers for less money
  • Optimizing Teak Warehouse’s Google Local pages has meant more people walking into Teak Warehouse’s retail doors

We Lent Our Expertise On...

  • Email Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Print Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design
Launch Project

The Devil is in the Details

Teak Warehouse was a client in need of a full online makeover – from their outdated website, inability to convert web traffic, and overall online marketing strategy. We showed them that their print marketing budget was better spent on a platform where they could track where their traffic was coming from, rather than hoping to get traffic (and sales) from traditional print advertising.

We created a custom website solution to bring them to the next level of online sales and marketing. We supplemented their minimal online presence with a full-blown social marketing campaign (integrating Facebook and Pinterest) which increased their website traffic by over 100%. A new Mailchimp email campaign also contributed to higher web traffic and sales.

Teak Warehouse online store

Teak Warehouse individual product page


Teakwarehouse mobile device display


Teak Warehouse customer reviews


We increased their organic search traffic by 110% through on-site search engine optimization and through social media management services (Google loves social proof!).

Teak Warehouse Facebook Optimization

Teak Warehouse Pinterest Optimization


Our carefully crafted Facebook campaigns built Teak Warehouse’s reputation as a design icon. By posting and promoting posts regularly we expanded their engaged Facebook followers by 1000% and increased traffic to their website from Facebook by 113%. Our Pinterest campaign brought Teak Warehouse to the aesthetic-loving Pinterest audience, with someone repinning one of our cleverly optimized pins once an hour. Regular activity on Pinterest increased Pinterest traffic to their website by 1,425%. Traffic that comes from Pinterest was among the most engaged of all traffic on their site — pinners love modern furniture!

Teak Warehouse Newsletters

Teakwarehouse Mailchimp Design



Catalog Design


Always a fan of traditional marketing techniques, we conceived of, copy wrote and designed all print advertising, featured across eight national publications and over 20 California publications. We created all in-house collateral to help their sales team, including branded receipt books, daily sales sheets, branded invoices and more.

The value of partnering with other businesses cannot be undersold; we coordinated cross-promotional marketing events with other local vendors to create larger brand awareness.

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