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Sakura makes her clients as beautiful as the flower she’s named after, so why shouldn’t she have print and web marketing to match? We created a feminine, floral and flirty identity and marketing materials to perfectly represent her shop in Redmond, WA.

‘Sakura’ means cherry blossom in Japanese, so it was the icon of choice for this project. This branding exudes balance and calm, with enough red to inspire a bit of passion for the finer things in life… like delicate beauty and relaxation.

We Lent Our Expertise On...

  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Print Design
  • Website Design
Launch Project

The Devil is in the Details

Sakura-logo We adapted an original logo for Sakura’s Skin Shoppe when she recently started offering hypnotherapy services. We wanted to keep the beauty aspect of her existing brand, but bring in a mental element to communicate all her services. Sakura is thrilled with her new logo, and even more that it flows seamlessly with her existing brand elements. Sakura’s custom WordPress website looks great on mobile, tablet, and desktop alike.

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