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Lucie's List custom stock imagery treatment

Lucie’s List built an amazing following of new moms over the course of ten years, amassing over 400 pages of content breaking down everything founder Meg wishes she knew when she first had kids. It was time to update the brand identity and website to match their market reach. We were happy to oblige!

Lucie's List logo design

We Lent Our Expertise On…

  • Visual Brand Identity
  • Website Design & Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Design
  • Print Design

Our Services

Logo Rejuvenation & Visual Brand Identity

Lucie’s List had an existing logo that users knew and loved. Using the old logo as a launching point, we developed a series of logo concepts all designed to attract the modern parent. As always, we provided a Visual Branding Guide including rules governing correct logo usage, a brand color scheme, and coordinating typography.

The various versions of the Lucie's List logo

Responsive Website Design & Development

Lucie’s List has a lot of content, all of which is valuable. How do we organize so many articles so that parents have what they need at their fingertips?

We began by introducing an underlying information architecture to categorize the articles by age group and focus. We introduced a guide custom post-type that gave relevant articles an overarching structure. To ensure that their product recommendations and the profit-driving affiliate links were front and center, we introduced stand-alone product reviews that each can be optimized for the product keyword.

The resulting website is well-organized and easy-to-use for backend and frontend users alike. It also looks great on all devices — like all of our websites.

Lucie's List website design
Lucie's List website design
Lucie's List website design
Lucie's List website design, responsive view

Custom MailChimp Templates

Lucie’s List gets amazing open rates on all their emails. We ensured that all of their email marketing is infused with their brand identity down to the smallest details and sign up forms.

Lucie's List Mailchimp Template Design

Social Media Design & Canva Templates

The editorial staff at Lucie’s List makes changes to the social media calendar on the fly. We created Canva templates for social media cover and share images that the team can easily modify to fit the news du jour.

Lucie's List social media profile design
Lucie's List social media profile design

Business Card Design

No project is complete without an updated business card. This elegantly simple business card design brings the Lucie’s List new brand identity into the physical world.

Lucie's List Business Card Design

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