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Levine Family Law Group

Levine Family Law Group Business Card Design

The Levine Family Law Group had achieved success based on its stellar legal services. To take their business where they wanted to go, they knew they needed a fabulous brand identity and a website and collateral to match.

Levine Family Law Group Logo Design

We Lent Our Expertise On…

  • Visual Brand Identity
  • Copy Writing
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Print Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design & Development

Our Services

Logo & Visual Brand Identity

Erin Levine felt like a bird best represented Levine Family Law Group’s legal services. Their clients, when their divorce was complete, felt like a bird taking off into a new direction. We used this as a jumping-off point to develop a series of logo concepts for the team at Levine Family Law Group to choose from. The resulting logo incorporated the imagery of a bird in flight. As always, we provided a Visual Branding Guide including rules governing correct logo usage, a brand color scheme, and coordinating typography.

The various logo options and winning logo for Levine Family Law Group.

We developed a series of coordinating icons for use on the website and across their other collateral.

Levine Family Law Group Coordinated Icon Design

Responsive Custom Website Design & Development

We weaved their new brand identity into a fully mobile responsive website rejuvenation. The site visually represents what it’s like working with the team at Levine Family Law Group.

Since launch, the average session duration of visitors to the site is up 93%, with visitors spending almost twice as long on the site as before and visiting 36.5% more pages. The site is complete with a dynamic form to capture essential information from potential clients. Our elegant form works on all devices and replaces the chunky old form previously in use, creating a modern and engaging new client onboarding process.

Levine Family Law Group Responsive Website Design & Development
Levine Family Law Group Responsive Website Design & Development
Levine Family Law Group Responsive Website Design & Development

Social Media Marketing

We created social media covers and share graphics to bring their brand details to every one of their social media profiles.

Levine Family Law Group Social Media Branding

Letterhead & Letter-Pressed Business Card Design

We love to bring the essence of our client’s brands to the small details of daily business life. We designed a unique letter-press business card and a coordinated letterhead for use with Microsoft Word so that all of Levine Family Law Group’s communications could be fully branded and unique.

Levine Family Law Group Print Design
Levine Family Law Group business cards

Tote Bag Design

We designed a branded and custom screen-printed tote bag as a high quality and unique thank you present for their clients.

Levine Family Law Group Print Design on a Tote Bag

Testimonial from Our Happy Client

“I have so much appreciation and praise for the Artsy Geek crew.

“We are always receiving compliments on our stuff and really attribute our new ‘look and feel’ to our increased business.”

Erin Levine

Erin Levine

Levine Family Law Group

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