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KC & Friends

KC & Friends Book Cover Design

KC Cavanagh, the creator of KC & Friends, was a kid who found it extremely difficult to relate to traditional music books. She found them boring and unrelatable. And that was what led to KC & Friends.

She came to us with an established piano method that needed a more polished brand identity and accompanying print collateral so she could sell, sell, sell!

KC & Friends Logo Design

We Lent Our Expertise On…

  • Visual Brand Identity
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Print Design
  • Website Design & Development

Our Services

Logo & Visual Brand Identity

KC & Friend’s existing brand identity was rough but the concept was solid. We provided a selection of options for KC to choose from and iterated until we’d achieved a logo that was in line with the brand vision. As always, we provided a Visual Branding Guide including rules governing correct logo usage, a brand color scheme, and coordinating typography.

KC & Friends Old Logo
KC & Friends New Logo
KC & Friends Logo Concepts

Brand Storytelling

Over a series of meetings, we worked with the client to define their brand archetype, ideal client personas, unique value proposition, key messages, brand story, and storytelling opportunities.

The end result was a comprehensive messaging and brand guide to inform external communications and get new team members up to speed.

Join KC & Friends on a fun-filled adventure up and down the piano keys. Comics and fun characters break down the fundamentals of music, piano, and songwriting.

Learning – and teaching – piano has never been so fun!

Meet Your Music

Book Cover Designs

KC & Friends piano method features four different levels with four books in each level. We worked with KC to develop cover designs that prominently featured comics, introduced the friends who guide students through learning piano, and featured the key messages that came out of our Brand Storytelling process. The resulting covers are ready for retail and for piano teachers across the nation!

Responsive E-Commerce Website Design & Development

KC & Friends has two key audiences: the families who are looking for piano lessons around the Bay Area and the piano teachers of young children who would adopt the method as part of their teaching process. Our website design balanced these two competing priorities while featuring the fun characters that make the KC & Friends so engaging and effective. Like all our websites, the design is fully responsive and looks great on all modern devices.

KC & Friends website design
KC & Friends website design
KC & Friends website design
KC & Friends website design, responsive view

Marketing Flyer Design

To get the word out about KC & Friends Bay Area lessons, we designed a series of flyers to be posted in local coffee shops and handed out at kid-centric events.

KC & Friends flyer design

Tote Bag Design

Kids love the crazy characters that make up the KC & Friends piano method. We designed a fun tote bag so they could lug their books back and forth to the studio in style.

KC & Friends tote bag design

Business Card Design

No brand is complete without an accompanying business card. This business card for KC & Friends features two of the favorite characters with other key brand elements.

KC & Friends business card design.

Sandwich Board Design

To capitalize on the street traffic of Downtown Berkeley and advertise KC & Friend’s piano lessons, we designed a fun and engaging sandwich board for the sidewalk outside the studio.

Sandwich Board Design

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