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Julie Gardner

Julie Gardner Marketing Packet Design

A great realtor doesn’t just find you a house, they help make your wishes come true. We worked closely with Julie Gardner to develop a brand that speaks to her love of renovations, thrifting, flea markets, and granting wishes. Our brand identity and print materials conjured the sense of wonder and hope that buying a new home should create.

Julie Gardner Logo Design

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Wishes, luck, vintage, old-and-new, and renovation were some of the themes we considered when designing Julie’s new logo. We used modern sans serif fonts in combination with vintage-style graphic elements to evoke the balance of old wisdom and whimsy with a bold, confident, and direct approach. We fell in love with her notion of wish granters and dreamers, and these ideas heavily influenced her brand moving forward. As always, we provided a Visual Branding Guide including rules governing correct logo usage, a brand color scheme, and coordinating typography.

The various logo designs we proposed for Julie Gardner's logo design


As a realtor in the San Francisco Bay Area, Julie Gardner needs to make a major splash as a first impression. We showcased her brand and extensive industry knowledge in a mini folder that includes six different postcards. Potential clients love this packet which includes the recipe for Julie’s famous and delicious open house cookies.

Marketing folio design for Julie Gardner
Marketing folio design for Julie Gardner
Postcard designs for Julie Gardner
Postcard designs for Julie Gardner


We were over the moon for the chance to create this full line of stationery, including printed letterhead, a commercial envelope, an A6 envelope, and a notecard with the message, “Building Community One Family at a Time.”

Julie Gardner print and stationary design
Julie Gardner print and stationary design

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