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Donohoe Talbert

Donohoe Talbert LLP is a well-respected New York City law firm specializing in high-profile and high-net-worth cases. They approached us to design a website and print collateral that reflected their professionalism and exceptional, trailblazing legal services.

Donohoe Talbert team photo

We Lent Our Expertise On…

  • Visual Brand Identity
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Print Design
  • Visual Communication
  • Website Design & Development

Our Services

Brand Storytelling

Over a series of meetings, we worked with the client to define their brand archetype, ideal client personas, unique value proposition, key messages, brand story, and storytelling opportunities.

The end result was a comprehensive messaging and brand guide to inform external communications and get new team members up to speed.

Individualized approach. Sophisticated strategies. We intelligently resolve complex, high-net-worth matrimonial matters. 

We are focused on you. And future you.

Donohoe Talbert LLP Brand Storytelling
Donohoe Talbert Brand Storytelling
Donohoe Talbert Brand Storytelling

The Donohoe Talbert Storytelling Guide communicates the ethos of the brand.

Responsive Website Design & Development

In designing Donohoe Talbert’s website, we implemented creative design elements while making sure to keep the design serious to match the tone of their industry. We made sure the website is informative yet still easy to navigate. Like all Artsy Geek designs, Donohoe Talbert’s website is responsive to every platform, making it attractive, accessible, and user-friendly regardless of the device it’s viewed on.

Donohoe Talbert website design and development | Legal industry website design
Donohoe Talbert webpages | Legal industry website design
Donohoe Talbert website responsive mobile design | Legal industry website design

Marketing & Design

Building on our brand storytelling, we support the firm in their ongoing marketing and design needs, including this magazine ad. To grab attention and quickly communicate, we highlighted their key messages. Inviting photos visually demonstrate the firm’s client-centered approach.

Legal Industry Advertising

Word Template

To ensure client correspondence looked great, too, Donohoe Talbert asked us to design a branded Word Template. We created a custom-designed Word Template to seamlessly brand their communications. This template can be used to draft, print, and send branded letters and documents.

Letterhead Mockup

Email Signature

We continued branding services with Donohoe Talbert by creating custom-designed email signatures for the team. These signatures bring their branding to email communication, while adding a professional digital touch.

Email Signature

Visual Branding Guide

To ensure Dohonoe Talbert’s branding stays consistent and professional, we provided a Visual Branding Guide including rules governing correct logo usage, a brand color scheme, and coordinating typography.

Brand Guidelines

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