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DEKA Fabrication is a multidisciplinary design/build team based in Jingletown, Oakland. They’re known for their non-traditional and innovative work. In fact, their impressive portfolio includes several award-winning projects.  DEKA wants to help its clients define and realize their vision, ultimately bringing it to life!

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  • Print Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design & Development

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Brand storytelling for DEKA involved communicating what makes them a unique design/build team—their non-traditional creative work. Over several meetings, Artsy Geek worked with DEKA’s team to define their overall brand, specifically, their best qualities, types of clients, and their business goals. 

What couldn’t be built yesterday, DEKA builds today. Using non-traditional construction, any material, projects of any size. On time and within budget.

Give us your napkin sketch. We’ll create it in reality.

DEKA Brand Storytelling


We redesigned DEKA’s website, making it easy to navigate and responsive on all modern devices, and including a gallery page to showcase their amazing work. We made sure to include a contact form where potential clients can submit idea files, following through on their slogan, “Send us your napkin sketch, we’ll make it happen.”

DEKA Website
DEKA Website


Like all of our websites, the design is fully responsive and looks great on all modern devices.

DEKA mobile webpage


We captured the entire story of DEKA Fabrication in a partner book, a manual for all of DEKA’s team members on the unique culture of the company. Working from the founder’s vision as a jumping off point, we designed a 70-page physical book with laser cut chapter openers and a unique leather binding.

DEKA Partner Book
DEKA Partner Book


These days, social media is an essential part of running a business. We created Instagram and Facebook marketing strategies to update people on DEKA’s latest work. We designed unique templates to match with various categories of posts such as quotes, behind the scenes, and new project photos. This approach uses social media as another medium to underscore this brand’s story and showcase their innovative work. 

DEKA Social Share Design and Instagram

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