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Do you know someone who’s fanatical about certain colors? That was the idea behind Gift Chameleon, a unique approach to online shopping that presents the best gifts by color in a colorful Pinterest-inspired way.

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Launch Project

The Devil is in the Details

The user interface was crucial on this project. We wanted people to feel like they were shopping in a rainbow.

Gift Chameleon logo

People love to shop and they love to shop on their phones and tablets. We designed and developed a website that looks and works great on phones, tablets, laptops and large monitors – and people loved it.

But just because we had a great interface didn’t mean that people would ever see the site. So we utilized our SEO experts and authored content optimized for relevant keyword phrases. The result? Higher rankings than leading retailers on keyword searches related to gift ideas.

Gift chameleon gallery

To boost SEO from the get-go, we distributed a press release. Within 48 hours, Gift Chameleon ranked on page one of Google for the search “red gift ideas.”

Gift chameleon Facebook page
But we didn’t stop there. We launched a Facebook campaign to build more SEO backlinks and develop an audience for promotions. We launched a “Pin What You Want – Win What You Want!” Pinterest campaign that let Pinterest users select their prize for pinning, and let Gift Chameleon build their email list and distribute their content.

Gift chameleon postcard design

We also love traditional marketing, and distributed postcards around town to build brand awareness.

Since launch, we’ve monitored real-time visitor analytics to ensure the site’s effectiveness. Whether it’s the site’s great design, SEO, or content, we’re proud to report that the site has been profitable since day one.

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