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The Fistula Foundation came to us in need of a website rejuvenation. With a diverse and worldwide audience, capable of getting involved in many different ways — and addressing a serious problem that few in the developed world are aware of — they needed a site that would be appealing, informative, and functional.

We designed the site to highlight the Fistula Foundation’s most outstanding assets: its impressive track record and the experiences of women helped through its efforts.

Fistula Foundation Mobile Design

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Responsive Website Design & Development

Some of the major goals for the website overhaul was to update the overarching style. By removing the dark background colors and adding expansive hero images it modernized the design and gave site users a feeling of trust and professionalism. Above you can see the side by side comparison of the very dark previous design to our light and airy.

Fistula Foundation Website Before & After


The new homepage elegantly communicates the range of the Fistula Foundation’s activities and lets the viewer know how they can get involved. A visual menu of links to the site’s important subsections helps new visitors get where they need to go. The new site puts the stories of women aided by the Fistula Foundation front and center. It integrates the videos the organization has made, to engage and educate visitors without making them leave for an outside site.

Fistula Foundation Website Design
Fistula Foundation Website Design


We included features to educate viewers about the organization’s geographic reach. And we made calls-to-action central, to maximize conversions. To convey the Fistula Foundation’s international mission, this fully interactive map allows visitors to learn about the different countries affected by fistula, the scope of the organization’s work, and the challenges that new partners can allow them to address.

Fistula Foundation Interactive Map


Not to write off the numerous internet users who view content on phones or tablets, the site is responsive and displays on devices of any screen size. Above all we took care to deliver a responsive and modern site with an attractive, welcoming feel, integrating the organization’s existing color scheme and logo and new images of our design.

Fistula Foundation Mobile Design


To cap things off, we designed a beautiful calendar, showing the impact of the foundation’s work all year long.

Fistula Foundation Calendar Print Design

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