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Integrating visual elements from the author (pixellated bitmap style and guns) we designed this funky book jacket for Emergency Press’ release of Kill Marguerite.

We used bold, rich colors to make it stand apart on a shelf, and integrated subtle nuances like a bitmap author pic on the back.

Working with Emergency Press was a fun and educational experience, and we’d gladly do it again!

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The Devil is in the Details


Road Film Book Design

Emergency Press came to us in need to a cover design for a new release of Ernest Loesser’s book of Americana poetry. We worked closely with the publisher to design a cover that evokes the feel of driving through America’s vast plains – to mimic the emotion that reading this book induces. We used royalty-free stock imagery and gave it a vector treatment to create an abstract style. Both publisher and author were elated with the results of this book design.

Gnarly Wounds Book Design

Gnarly Wounds was our debut design with Emergency Press, and we magically nailed it with our first concept. We read the manuscript of the book and extracted characters from the various novellas.

We got a little whimsical and created a party of the book’s wacky characters on the cover, accented by a furry spine. (You’ll have to read the book to find out why)

Various Men Who Knew Us As Girls Book Design

Another book jacket we had the pleasure of designing for Emergency Press recently was this abstract beauty. We incorporated elements of the book in a stylized collage method, using specific colors and fonts to exude the emotion of the book.

As great as this book looks on screen, it looks even better on the shelf. Head to your nearest book seller and check it out in person!


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