Center For Mindful Medicine

Center for Mindful Medicine

Dr. Stella Park, a master educator and doctor of natural medicine, sought out Artsy Geek for a new Brand Identity for her business. Similar to business we have worked with in the past, Stella was also looking for a brand that matched her business’s way of life. We helped her through the journey to finding the perfect Logo, so she can continue to help her patients through their journey in naturopathic medicine.

We Lent Our Expertise On...

  • Brand Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Print Design

The Devil is in the Details

Logo Design


For Stella Park, we explored the idea of symbols for breath and meditation. Mediation is a known practice in the naturopathic profession, and we felt it was an appropriate iconography to base her new logo on. We played with organic shapes, gradients to create lightness, and script fonts to give the logos a feeling of relaxed/looseness.

Business Card Design


Brochure Design

Brochure Design


Clean, simple, and yet sophisticated. Using her new branding throughout this design we created an elegant and professional brochure to market her business. Did you know: the color blue has been used by many companies to display a sense of trust to consumers? We always take into consideration the services our clients provide and use color theory to best suit their business and ideal clientele.

Wayfinding Design



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