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Fremont Bank first approached us in the middle of a major marketing overhaul. They needed help with content marketing, graphic design, launching a new website, and more. We were up for the challenge: we provided a brand rejuvenation including a new logo for the Fremont Bank Foundation, a monthly internal newsletter design, a treasure trove of social content and print design, and support services to ensure their new website launch was a success. Since then, we’ve consistently partnered with the bank to assist with all things marketing, including the major launch of their brand-new state-of-the-art headquarters!

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We Lent Our Expertise On…

  • Visual Brand Identity
  • Website Design
  • Illustration & Animation
  • Print Design
  • Social Media Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Visual Communication

Our Services

ATM Surround

Every bank branch has one or more ATMs. These ATMs have an “ATM surround,” a backlit panel on the wall surrounding the ATMs. With their new headquarters going up, the ATM surround needed a design. We chose to design the coolest ATM surround the world has ever seen! We created a 12-foot illustrated mural featuring five Fremont landmarks the bank has transformed over its 60-year history. It’s an immersive exhibit at the front entrance to their new headquarters that drives home how Fremont Bank has improved the quality of life in Fremont.

ATM artwork Fremont Bank HQ

New Headquarters Campaign

Erecting a brand-new headquarters, a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art building in the heart of downtown Fremont, is no small undertaking. Getting the word out to clients and new prospects was key. We were on hand to plan and execute multi-channel marketing efforts, including a landing page, various print, digital, and social ads, promotional swag, and graphic imagery for use in the new space. The keystone of the campaign, which was selected as a finalist for the 2023 CMI Awards, was a beautiful animated video that walked viewers through a 30-second story of community banking and Fremont Bank’s impact on the Bay Area.

Print Marketing Fremont Bank HQ
Fremont Bank HQ Direct Mailer Design

Tips Campaign Illustrations/Animations

At Artsy Geek, we know how important captivating visuals are for marketing; they grab the viewer’s attention and break up large bodies of text. Here, we created on-brand, multi-purpose illustrations and animations for Fremont Bank to use throughout their website and in various campaigns, such as the Tips Campaign, an initiative aimed at providing easy-to-follow financial tips for beginners.

Fremont Bank Tips Campaign Illustration

Fremont Bank Tips Campaign GIF
Fremont Bank Tips Campaign Illustration
Fremont Bank Tips Campaign GIF
Fremont Bank Tips Campaign Illustration
Fremont Bank Tips Campaign GIF

Infographic and Social Shares

Fremont Bank knows complex information is best presented visually. That’s why we create stunning infographics that make financial information such as “How to Get Ready for Tax Season” easily digestible for the average person. 

Fremont Bank Infographic Design

Digital Adoption 

Based on the success of our work with the bank, we were asked to assist with marketing campaign strategy and execution for their digital adoption efforts. We coordinate with high-level members of the marketing team to design and launch multiple marketing campaigns each quarter, all geared toward encouraging mobile app enrollment and usage. This is where our graphic design and marketing know-how combine to produce fun and effective results!

Fremont Bank Digital Adoption Email Campaign
Fremont Bank GIF
Fremont Bank GIF
Fremont Bank GIF

Small Business Directory

As a family-owned company, Fremont Bank is keenly aware of the challenges of running a small business. We helped the bank create a small business directory featuring hundreds of their business clients so they can continue uplifting the community they serve. Check it out here.

Fremont Bank small Business Directory - Digital Catalog

GLIA Campaign

When the bank launched a new customer care technology designed to make the experience of digitally contacting a banker quick and easy, we jumped at the chance to create a handful of beautiful, witty animations for use across social media, email, and web channels. This award-winning campaign was a huge success! 

Fremont Bank Social Media Advertisement
Fremont Bank Social Media Advertisement
Fremont Bank Social Media Advertisement

Monthly Digital Magazine

Fremont Bank publishes a monthly internal newsletter, Executive Interest, which keeps its hundreds of employees informed about goings-on within the company. Each month, we take a few pages of information and transform them into an interactive and captivating online publication, complete with photos, graphics, charts, and animations.

Fremont Bank Digital Monthly Magazine

Website Design & QA

In order to launch their new website, Fremont Bank asked us for help with the final push. We designed custom icons, developed landing pages, and helped with quality assurance. 

Since the site launched, we’ve been asked to design and build several landing pages, many of which were extensions of our marketing campaigns.

HQ Landing Page Website Design

Logo Rejuvenation and Visual Brand Identity

The Fremont Bank Foundation donates millions of dollars to local Bay Area communities each year. They wanted a logo that felt modern and fresh, but also professional. We gave the logo a much-needed update while staying true to the Foundation’s roots and the established Fremont Bank brand identity.

Fremont Bank Foundation Logo Design

Keynote Design

For Fremont Bank’s frequent meetings, we designed professional templates in Keynote for the bank’s team members to use across multiple departments. Goodbye to boring meetings! Hello to fun, engaging presentations!

Fremont Bank Keynote Presentation

Social Media Design & Content Marketing

In addition, we help our client’s social media channels succeed by providing excellent graphic design and copywriting content. We also created templates in Canva so they have the ability to create their own posts that easily match the established look and feel of the brand’s social accounts.

Fremont Bank social media marketing posts

Print Design

The bank has asked us to design a variety of print materials for various departments and initiatives including residential lending, business community lending, philanthropy, and mobile banking.  Each of our print designs makes their brand elements shine while communicating the value of joining a community bank.

Fremont Bank Brochure Design

Signage Design

Fremont Bank has various signage needs, from brick-and-mortar directional signs to event signage. We’ve leveraged their strong brand elements to design several signs for the bank, bringing the Fremont Bank brand to life!

Fremont Bank A-Frame Sign Design

Testimonial from Our Happy Client

The Artsy Geek team is super-talented and creative, nimble and responsive. They are an invaluable extension of our marketing team.

Erin McReynolds

Vice President of Brand & Content, Fremont Bank

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