Air Experimental

Air Experimental

Air Experimental’s flight testing expertise and professional services are unique in their field. To match that, we created a strong brand identity, an engaging web presence, and clean and professional print collateral.

We Lent Our Expertise On...

  • Brand Identity
  • Print Design
  • Website Design

The Devil is in the Details


Logo Design

We created a series of logos that reflected the company’s unique service offerings within the flight test industry. Originally named Air Test Group, the company now known as Air Experimental chose a concept that integrated the motion and design of helicopter blades.


The full-width website we created featured an immersive video background to simulate the feeling of flying through the sky.

Website Design
Website Design
Responsive Site Design


The majority of website visits now take place on phones or tablets, so we make sure that every site designed at Artsy Geek is fully responsive to ensure that, at home or on-the-go, any visitor is able to easily navigate the site and read through the content. For this site, we broke the content up with black and white photography of skies and planes. At the top of each page, full-width hero shots contain quick, engaging summaries of the content on each page. This eye-catching site draws the visitor in to learn more and our client is thrilled with the results.

Business Card Design

Print Design


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