Best Keyword Research Tool

Best SEO and Keyword Research Tool

Ever since I discovered Market Samurai, it has been my favorite SEO tool. (If you’re unfamiliar with what SEO is, check out our quick definitions.)

I don’t know how I ever got along without it. Not only is it user friendly and indispensable, it’s an unbelievably affordable option for those wanting to dig in and do their own keyword research and content optimization.

Learn Keyword Research Concepts Clearly

Market Samurai provides a thorough library of video tutorials. While teaching you to use the software, they give a clear breakdown of the best way to do keyword research. When people ask me about keyword research, I always recommend these videos even without the software. They break the video training into many short videos. This makes it easy to find the info you need quickly and easily.

Provides Multi-Factor Analysis of Keyword Phrases

When you enter a keyword or keyword phrase, Market Samurai will pull up to 800 keyword ideas. Their keyword analysis function provides data on:

  • Traffic – How many people per day/week/month are searching for the keyword phrase
  • Level of Competition – Total number of webpages that mention that particular keyword phrase in the same word order
  • Commerciality – Tells you whether this keyword phrase has value. How much are others currently paying for top position on Google Adwords for that phrase?

SEO Competition Module

I love this module so much, I run it just for fun sometimes! This function helps you discover how strong the competition is for a particular keyword phrase.

Market Samurai will conduct a real-time analysis of the top ten websites in Google for any keyword phrase and provide a measurement of the factors that determine ranking:

  • Domain Age
  • Page Rank Value
  • Number of Indexed Pages
  • Number of links pointing to the website
  • If the website is listed in DMOZ or Yahoo directory
  • Analysis of on-page factors (Title, URL, Description, Headers)

Market Samurai also has modules for rank tracking, finding content, monetization, and more.  I use it everyday for something. We’d love to hear your thoughts about Market Samurai if you use or try it.

What’s your favorite SEO tool?

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