How to Use the Post Image or Thumbnail Image Field in Thesis

Many of the sites we build for our clients are built using the awesome Thesis theme, and incorporate the use of the Thesis-specific functionality of post images and post thumbnail images.  Using post images or thumbnail images associate a particular image with that post so that it can be dynamically included in excerpts or teasers.

This post thumbnail image is essential to this archive of Wide Hive Records’ discography.

The same image is rendered at a different size on the full post page.

When you specify a post image that image is automatically resized as a thumbnail image for the pages that use teasers. Some websites don’t use teasers, but that’s no reason not use the thumbnail image functionality.

Specifying a post image or thumbnail image

First you want to find a post image to use.  You want to use a post image that is sized correctly according to your website.  Sizes are specified in the User Manuals that we create for our clients. Resizing images is easy to do using Google’s free software, Picasa.

Once you have your post image sized correctly and while you are editing the post in question, upload it using the image uploader.

Use the first button next to Upload/Insert to upload an image.

Select the file you have sized correctly for the post image from your harddrive, and it will upload.

The Link URL field after image is uploaded.

Copy the web address in the Link URL field.

Close the light box and scroll down until you see the Post Image URL field.  Paste the web address there and add alt text, a bit of text to describe the image, below.

Thesis automatically resizes the post image to be the correct size for a thumbnail.  Isn’t that nice?

Sometimes you may want to have a thumbnail image but not a post image.  In that case, follow the instructions above but paste the web address in the Thumbnail Image URL  instead of the Post Image URL field.  Fill the Thumbnail Image Alt Text with the relevant alt text.

Thumbnail Images for Posts Using the WordPress Image Gallery

Because of the way the WordPress Image Gallery works, any image that you upload using the image uploader when editing the post is included in the Image Gallery.  This can cause the Image Gallery to include the image multiple times or include a poorly sized version.

In these situations, use the Add New link under Media to upload your image.

Select the correctly sized image on your hard drive as above, and it will upload.

Copy the File URL.

Go back to the post you were editing, and paste this URL into the Post Image URL field or the Thumbnail Image URL field, whichever is appropriate for your situation.  Now your Post Image or Thumbnail Image won’t display in your WordPress Image Gallery!

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