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Countdown to Timeline

Both the challenge and excitement of social media is how quickly it changes. Only last newsletter we were telling you about custom Facebook landing pages and now Facebook has done away with them completely! It’s still as important as ever to customize your Facebook page to capitalize on the tremendous Facebook traffic, but now you’ll need to utilize the new ‘Timeline’ format. And time is ticking—all Facebook will be automatically transferred to Timeline on March 30th! Check out our updated Facebook profile and read below for a rundown on some major changes:

Setting a Brand Image with Cover Photo

The most obvious change of Timeline is the splashy, high-impact header photo. While such a large image could be a marketer’s dream, Facebook specifies that no calls to action, contact or purchase information, financial offers, or references to Liking the page be present in the image. Facebook’s Product Director of Ads, Gokul Rajaram, states the cover image’s:

“…Goal is to symbolize what an organization is all about. For a restaurant it could be a popular menu item, a band could display album cover art, and a business could show a picture of their customers using their product.”

These restrictions haven’t stopped users from being creative, however. Just check out these clever header images at the bottom of this Huffington Post article.

Connecting with Customers through Private Messaging

A new feature in Timeline is that users are able to send direct private messages to your Page, allowing you to interact with the users without the interactions being displayed publicly on your wall. This feature is automatically enabled, but can be disabled. However, this feature is best left enabled, as this is a great new customer service channel and should be utilized if possible. If your business doesn’t have the capacity to maintain this communication channel, perhaps we can help.

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Telling a Brand Story with Milestones

One of the best marketing opportunities that Timeline provides is being able to tell brand stories. Timeline allows users to enter “Milestones,” which are featured prominently. Check out how The New York Times uses Timeline to educate Facebook users about its rich history, and uses Milestones with captivating images to punctuate its events. Think about the events that transpired to bring your business where it is today. If you are a music artist, dig up an old photo of you with your first instrument; if you sell goods or services, perhaps use a Milestone to capture the inspiration that inspired your wares. Communicating your company’s depth of innovation, inspiration, and insight may never have been easier!


Pin, Prune, and Highlight

Although Timeline has done away with custom Facebook landing pages, you can still promote a custom page from your landing page by using Pinned posts that link to a custom page. Pinned posts will stay up for 7 days or until you Pin a new post. Highlight is a function you can use to highlight important posts. The feature gives posts prominence by making them appear the full width of the Page. Unfortunately, however, Highlighted posts cannot be Pinned.

Opposite to Pinning and Highlighting, you may want to prune through your Timeline to hide posts that are no longer relevant, contain broken links, or don’t convey messages you want readers to see.

‘Like’ Opportunity

An engaging Facebook Timeline gives you the opportunity to catch casual browsers of your Facebook page and communicate your business’s services, history, identity, and promotions. Utilizing your Facebook page’s new functionality and implementing the most effective social marketing strategy may seem like a full-time job when you already have one, which is why we here at Artsy Geek offer several social media service plan options.

Artsy Geek Facebook services start at only $300! Contact us to discuss how we can create a Social Media strategy that works for your goals, brand, and budget.

About the Author:

Leader of the Artsy Geek team and creator of Camp Artsy Geek, Jen comes from a long line of get-rich-quick-schemers. A serial entrepreneur, she launched her first business at the age of 12: a crocheted goods pop-up. A lover of good design and effective marketing, Jen believes that life -- and business -- should be fun and enjoyable. Life is short! Follow your dreams and train your brain to support your success. We're in this together. Rock on!

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