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Since hashtags are now an essential aspect of social media marketing, we put a lot of time into figuring out which to use in your campaign. Choosing the right hashtags to use depends heavily on your industry, what season it is, and your strategic goals.

Although there are other methods of organizing shares, hashtags are still the best way to let users know what topic they’re jumping into. With the right one, you can engage users in an ongoing conversation, increase your visibility and gain followers. Use the wrong hashtag, and you’ll be but a drop in the sea of unseen shares. So, when it comes to choosing the right hashtags, how do choose? If you’ve decided to give it a shot on your own, we have your back. Here’s a handy guide to point you in the right direction.

Brand It

Want to increase your brand recognition? Throw your brand or campaign name into a hashtag coupled with a word or phrase specific to the topic of your post. Make sure that you continue to use the hashtag for all relevant posts.


You can use sites like, and to research hashtags, find out how often they’re used, the sorts of posts they are usually attached to and their definitions. Remember that you want to use hashtags that are unique to your company or brand.

Keep It Short

Shorter hashtags are easier for users to take in. Since your Twitter handle can’t be longer than 16 characters, try to keep your hashtag length to around the same.

Event Promotion

Use hashtags to not only promote your industry, but also to promote individual events. If you’ve got a special promotion coming up, a free demo or any kind of event, pick use a unique hashtag to spread awareness.

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Make It Meaningful

While there is only so much description you can go into in only a handful of characters, try to avoid hashtags that seem vague in meaning. Your hashtag should be easy to understand for someone who is seeing it for the first time.

Check Out the Competition

Check out the hashtags your competition and influencers in your industry are using. Make sure yours are unique, but you might be able to glean a few ideas.

Ready for #HashtagSuccess?

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