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Holiday Marketing

Are you and your business already stressed about the 2023 holiday season? We totally understand! We’ve been there ourselves! So, we’ve written up our quick guide to some holiday dos and don’ts. With these tips, you can maximize the quality of your work this winter, while minimizing your stress! Following these tips will also set you up to start the new year with a strong foot forward! 

  • DO show gratitude. Gratitude is a great way to connect with clients and partners, while also being a way to practice mindfulness. According to UCLA Health, a review of 70 studies that included responses from more than 26,000 people found an association between higher levels of gratitude and lower levels of depression. We show our gratitude at Artsy Geek by sending out custom holiday cards to our clients every year! 
  • DON’T feel pressured to take on last-minute ad campaigns. We understand it may feel tempting, but consider using your energy to plan ahead for the upcoming year. Remember: rushed work is often sloppy, so it may not be worth the additional stress. 
  • DO make a gift guide. We all know at least one person who is super challenging to shop for. We know that finding the perfect gift for everyone can be difficult, especially with budget limitations. Creating a gift guide will drive traffic to your site, and make holiday shopping even easier for your customers! 
  • DON’T check your social media during family (or friend) gatherings, unless it’s an emergency. Instead, live in the moment. As Master Oogway once said in Kung Fu Panda (2008), “Today is a gift, that is why it is called the present.” The social media universe can wait. 
  • DO pre-schedule your social media posts. The holiday season is a stressful time, so take every opportunity to minimize the pressure. Preparing posts and scheduling your business’ social media in advance is an easy way to do this! 
  • DON’T put all of your marketing eggs in one basket on Black Friday. We know Black Friday is important for holiday shopping, but there’s still the majority of December left after that! Also, people are bound to forget every gift they need to buy. Instead, stay consistent with your marketing throughout the holiday season to take advantage of Black Friday and the considerable shopping time afterwards.
  • DO take advantage of Small Business Saturday on November 25th. Despite the ongoing doom of the “Amazonification” of businesses, CNBC found that over one-third of US adults planned to shop locally or buy from small businesses to support local communities while holiday shopping. At Artsy Geek, we know the importance of small business! Find more information on how to participate here

We hope these tips make your 2023 holiday season easier for you and your business, so you can focus on the joy and spirit instead. Which one was your favorite? Feel free to share your own tips too!

About the Author:

Sarah is a lover of all things matcha and mac n' cheese. She received her BA in Anthropology with a minor in Digital Humanities from UCLA and has been working at Artsy Geek doing digital marketing since 2022.

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