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Comic Sans Lobster Papyrus Bradley Hand

Let’s talk about fonts! Specifically, the fonts that you should avoid. We have compiled for you a list of 8 different fonts that you (a designer, a sales-person, a chef, or whatever you are) should ALWAYS stay away from. Some of these you have probably heard of and some you might be surprised that a font like that even exists in the world.

If at any point you realize you have been a past offender in using these fonts I recommend you slowly back away from the computer, grab yourself a hot cup of tea or coffee, and re-think your life choices.

Without further ado, here is our list of fonts to avoid:

No.1 Comic Sans

Don’t get me wrong, this font isn’t all bad. Time and time again people use it for the wrong applications and that is what drives us mad. The next time you want to print out a “DO NOT ENTER” sign, stick to something more appropriate and leave the comic sans to your son’s 3rd birthday invitations or even (gasp) a comic book.

No.2 Papyrus

This is one of the most loathed fonts out there. Ask yourself, “Have I ever used this font in the past and not in an ironic way?” If so, Ryan Gosling would be ashamed in you.

No.3 Brush Script

If you use brush script ironically or not, you need to rethink your tastes in fonts. This “handwritten” looking abomination is outdated and to use it on any 20th-century application would end up making you look like a fool and confuse others around you.

No.4 Curlz

Overly whimsically and insanely gaudy, this font should only be used on a 6 year old girls birthday invitation and nothing else. Using this font in any other application will immediately show everyone your lack of creativity and associate it with immaturity. “Ooooh, but it’s so curly. So fun!” No. Just stop.

No.5 Jokerman

Here is another overly designed typeface that is sure to make you feel a little nauseous. The complexity and craziness of this font makes it pretty much unusable for most (if not all) applications. It was created for something, but it’s a mystery what that was. Where do you belong, Jokerman?! What were you designed for?!!

No.6 Lobster

I remember when this retro/hipster font first hit the scenes! It was the go-to legible script font for every beginner graphic designer out there. Now comes the end to its sky-rocketing popularity and off it goes to join the other unloveable fonts. Lobster is the new Comic Sans.

No.7 Bradley Hand

Handwritten fonts became popular to provide change to the normal/mundane fonts out there (such as Arial and Times New Roman) and add some personality. The idea was good, but, for this font, the execution was so very bad. Here is a handwritten font that comes off as too kitschy and unauthentic. As far as handwritten fonts go, this one is the worst offender.

No.8 Bleeding Cowboys

Looking for a rugged/distressed font that is the mix between terrible new age country music and really bad tattoos? Look no further, I give you: Bleeding Cowboys. No words can describe the horror a person feels when they come face to face with this font. #1 Why would any sane-minded person create this, and #2 Where do they live so I can egg their house?!

What are your least favorite fonts? Tell us in the comments!

About the Author:

Design Geek Leanne Dunn is a connoisseur of all things food, frenchies, and fun. With her extensive fine art background and BFA in Visual Communications, she tackles every project like it will be her last. While graphic design is her number one passion, the number two is her potato-shaped french bulldog named Yam. Leanne's goal in life: make things look good and have fun while doing it! Life is too short to not be surrounded by good people, good food, and good design.


  1. The only one I disagree with is Lobster. It is a beautifully designed font. Well weighted and legible and appealing italic. Some of the capitals are a little too cutesy, but I can work with it. It may have been overused, but still appeals to me, visually. The condescension in your post when you said that it’s only Ia go-to for beginner graphic designers is funny, but inaccurate. I would still use it and I’ve been in the business for 20+ years. 🙂

    55 Reply
    1. We used to like Lobster, too. Then it was EVERYWHERE! That’s why we don’t like it — it’s overused. To each their own, however. Lobster is one font you can have and eat it, too!

      68 Reply
  2. This article is really funny and sends a clear message about font choice. I completely agree with the list of fonts to avoid. Choosing the right typeface can really make a design look professional or unintentionally humorous. Thank you for sharing these interesting notes about each typeface in this list!

    22 Reply

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