Five Ways to Use Mercury in Retrograde for Your Business

“Oh no!! Not Mercury in retrograde!!” For years, we wished the world of business would take a break while Mercury headed into it’s regular retrograde cycle. Sure, it does increase the potential for technology challenges, delays and miscommunications.

But as Shannon Murray, our favorite astrologer says, “Mercury retrograde is so much more than the external world of delays. The delays on are purpose, they help you to slow down.”

Here are five ways to harness the Mercury in retrograde energy to support you and your business.

1. Get Organized / Reorganize

The Mercury in retrograde energy is fantastic for attacking that huge stack of filing. One of the great things about Mercury in Retrograde is that it effects everyone — you might notice that your customers and clients are also being called to slow down — giving you more space to focus on organizing and creating systems for the future.

2. Review & Revisit

When’s the last time you looked over your standard agreements and contracts? Now’s the time. Notice any vague language. How can you be more precise?

Also revisit old clients and customers. Shannon says, “Mercury Retrograde is a great time to reconnect with old customers and see what their needs are. Reach out with a friendly “Hello” and let those old customers know you were thinking about them. Send cards to say thank you for their past business and hope they are doing well. Mercury Retrograde is a powerful time to reconnect and make new future sales.”

3. Complete Long-Standing Projects

What has taken you way too long? What are you avoiding finishing? Spend some time on that.

4. Take Your Time & Double-Check

Reread. Double-check. We’re talking invoices, agreements, contracts, blogs, marketing emails, new products… Everything.

5. Plan for the Future

Mercury in retrograde supports thoughtful, positive action. Consider setting goals or creating a marketing plan for your business. Spend time now so that when Mercury turns direct you can harness that energy and jump into action!

About the Author: Jen

Leader of the Artsy Geek team and creator of Camp Artsy Geek, Jen comes from a long line of get-rich-quick-schemers. A serial entrepreneur, she launched her first business at the age of 12: a crocheted good pop up. A lover of good design and effective marketing, Jen believes that life -- and business -- should be fun and enjoyable. Life is short! Follow your dreams and train your brain to support your success. We're in this together. Rock on!

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