How To Add A Facebook Tab Link To Your Website

You’ve got someone on your Facebook page. Great. Now what?

If you’re like most businesses, you’d like your Facebook visitors to visit your website! Facebook, however, has other priorities, and they make it a bit challenging for a user to find your website. That’s why we highly recommend installing a custom Facebook tab that redirects the user to your website.

Here’s our illustrated guide to adding a custom Facebook tab link that takes visitors straight to your website:

1. Login to Facebook and, using the search bar, search for “Static iFrame Tab”.

custom Facebook tab

2. Install the app.


3. Select the page you would like to use it on. Only Facebook business “fan” pages work with this app.

4. In Tab Settings make the following changes:

4a. Under “Edit Tab Content” in the Redirect tab, enter the url to your site.
4b. Under “Tab Settings” upload a 111px by 74px image to be used for the tab and write in the name of the tab.
4c. Under “Share Settings” you may select to have a share button attached to the tab.


5. Visit your Facebook page to admire your fine work! When people click on your new tab they will be taken to the website you specified in the settings.



That’s it! You can also use this app to install tabs that redirect to your mailing list signup form or your Pinterest account, like on Artsy Geek’s Facebook page.

About the Author: Jen

Known to some as "Jen of Jenfest", Jen comes from a long line of get-rich-quick-schemers. Her obsession with experience, marketing and design started at a young age; she launched her first business at the age of twelve, a crochet pop-up. She is known for her uncanny intuition, out-of-the-box ideas, dedication to strategy and appreciation for details. Jen majored in brain science and thinking (Cognitive Science and Philosophy) and thoroughly enjoyed her time at the University of California at Berkeley.

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