Etsy API… Can it be true???


Just the other night I was dreaming of a world where WordPress and Etsy made sweet, discouraged sexy love in a department store changing room. This, I thought, would spawn a baby SO relevant to indie artists and producers. One that would merge the gap between e-commerce websites and Etsy, the world-renowned marketplace for DIY crafters, jewelry makers, artists and solopreneurs.

I wondered, why would Etsy — as a designer of fine, handcrafted websites — mandate that their stores be accessible solely on their website, when they support so many artists by giving them the ‘Hipster Mall of America’. Why would they not support the e-store web presence for those artists to flourish and sell on their own, free from the confines of the Etsy site design and competition?

Today I thought I’d see if maybe my dream was simply a premonition of a romance not far off, and HARK! What did I find? Etsy offers API for developers! (That’s us.)

What’s an API, you ask?

Well, in tech lingo, it means “application programming interface”. [Insert horn-rimmed glasses-wearing code geek here.] In computer programming, an API is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. But for us web-savvy shoppers, it means we can use an existing database of “stuff” and house it wherever we want! Many database dot-coms offer API’s for developer use (like Yelp, Google,, you name it!), but I digress….

What does this mean for YOU?

The fact that Etsy has made their API available for developers means that you, the DIY crafter, the artist, the jewelry maker or solo-preneur, don’t have to rely on buyers going to Etsy (where, might I add, there is a proverbial SH-T ton of competition to what you’re selling) to browse your wares. They can now go to YOUR WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!! (Hopefully one we built, of course, winky-smily-face.) Yup!

Have a store on Etsy? Have your own website that LINKS to Etsy? Stop the madness! Let’s move that store onto your site where — once people hang out long enough to see what-cha got — given longer page views, longer site traffic, less bounce rates, Google might actually start appreciating YOUR site as much as they value Etsy for promoting what we’re searching for, and what YOU’RE selling.

Etsy API

About the Author:

Lindsay loves animals, hot weather, acrylic nails and eggplant. She is married, and lives with her husband, pug and cat in less-than-sunny Seattle. Her mission is not to change the world, but to make sure it looks hella awesome.

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