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Website Development

Behind the Scenes: Technical Services for Website Development

One of the biggest headaches that comes with creating a DIY website is dealing with the details. Most great websites have a lot going on behind the scenes. At Artsy Geek, in addition to designing intuitive, stunning, and user-friendly sites that will create a lasting impression with visitors, we offer a wide variety of technical services that make the important invisible aspects of your website … Read More


4 Reasons to Keep PHP Up-To-Date on WordPress

You down with updating PHP? Yeah, you know me. Now that we have the geriatric millennials’ attention, let’s get down to business. PHP isn’t just another internet acronym taxing your limited brain space. (IYKYK, amirite?) It’s also a huge part of what makes the internet work! Did you know that 78.8% of all websites use PHP in one way or another? Keep on reading to … Read More

Update Wordpress

5 Reasons to Keep WordPress Up-To-Date

You log into WordPress, eager to write a blog post about that new restaurant you visited last week. Excited to tell everyone about the delicious spring rolls you ordered, you’re unexpectedly hit with an alert on your dashboard: WordPress released a new version! Maybe you think, “I’ll update it later,” but the red circle around the alert makes it seem important. You don’t have to … Read More

Breaking Down the WordPress Text Editor

Now that you’re ready to start adding pages and posts to your WordPress site, let’s go over the basics of formatting text. WordPress keeps their editing fairly straightforward. You’ve likely used Microsoft Word, or, at the very least, sent an email. It’s definitely not intimidating, but let’s go over some of the tools that can be a game-changer when it comes to the design elements … Read More

The Difference Between Pages and Posts in WordPress

If you’re starting out on WordPress, you might be a little confused about the difference between pages and posts. They are both channels for your content, but they have totally different purposes. Pages! Pages are the static content you would find on a website. You would typically find pages on the navigation bar on the homepage of a website (you know, that bar traditionally at … Read More

How to Add a Post to WordPress

Adding a post is quite a bit simpler than adding a page. This is due to the fact that posts are (usually) automatically ordered in reverse chronological order, and are located within a single section of your website. But let’s just run through the tools, so we can be on the same page…err, post. Let’s get on the same post here. Title The box at the … Read More

How to Add Images to WordPress

Images are a major part of the look and feel of your site. But how do you add images to your WordPress pages and posts? Let us be your guide. There are couple ways to get an image into your WordPress website. You can upload an image from your computer to your Media Library or you can paste in a URL from somewhere else on the Internet to your Media … Read More

How to Add a WordPress Page

In this tutorial, we’re going to go over all the aspects and features of pages. By learning this, you will know how to create a WordPress page like a pro. Add New Page First things first, we have to add a new page. Click on or hover over the Pages option in the sidebar and then choose “Add New.” Title This is where you add … Read More

Get to Know Your WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress Dashboard: The Reception Area for Your WordPress Backend. The Dashboard can initially seem overwhelming, but fear not, we are going to walk you through each section. There are a lot of tools and options, but trust us, they totally make sense. The Admin Bar Like the front of a barber shop, this is where the business goes. The bar stretches full width across … Read More

Learn How to Use WordPress Categories and Tags

Categories and Tags are how you organize your WordPress posts. The difference is simple. At first, there were only categories, but this was not enough for people who: Have a ton of posts Love organization They were unable to best categorize each post in the several but limited amount of categories WordPress lets you have. Thus tags were invented. Tags are words that describe each … Read More

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