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What’s What on Facebook

Music to your business-owning ears, right? A like on Facebook means your new fan is instantly a member of your community, and in on your latest business news and promotions. If you’re still left wondering what’s going on with Facebook Business Pages (and how they’re different from personal pages), we have a quick and dirty glossary to get you started.

Five Steps to Maximizing Your Return on Investment in Social Media

We all keep hearing about how important Social Media is for business. But how do you ensure that the time you spend on it is effective? Sure, you should track your time and make sure you’re not losing three hours a day. But the key is spending your time wisely to maximize engagement.

Facebook timeline

How to Use Facebook Timeline to Your Advantage

The most obvious change of Timeline is the splashy, high-impact header photo. While such a large image could be a marketer’s dream, Facebook specifies that no calls to action, contact or purchase information, financial offers, or references to Liking the page be present in the image. Facebook’s Product Director of Ads, Gokul Rajaram, states the cover image’s: “…Goal is to symbolize what an organization is … Read More

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