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Anatomy of an Award-Winning Social Media Campaign

Anatomy of an Award-Winning Social Media Campaign

Huzzah! We won an award! This year, The Web Marketing Association presented our recent ad campaign for Fremont Bank with an Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) award for Best Bank Social Media Campaign. How did our work win this award?  Our social media campaign was successful because of five key elements: 1. Clear Objectives Know who you are talking to and what the key messages should … Read More

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How to Find Hashtags Relevant to Your Industry

Since hashtags are now an essential aspect of social media marketing, we put a lot of time into figuring out which to use in your campaign. Choosing the right hashtags to use depends heavily on your industry, what season it is, and your strategic goals. Although there are other methods of organizing shares, hashtags are still the best way to let users know what topic … Read More

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Hashtag Wha…?? Using Hashtags in Your Social Media Strategy

So, you’ve suddenly awoken from a lengthy coma and now have to think about social media marketing solutions. “What is this ‘hashtag’ term I constantly hear bandied about?” you might ask, if your coma was exceptionally long – say, since 1920. Well, we’re here to help! A hashtag is a social media subject categorization method using a keyword or phrase preceded by the hash symbol … Read More

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Social Media Imagery Cheat Sheet 2021

CHANGE! That seems to be the motto for all things social media, and we want you to be in the know. Check back with us every year for updates on how to best display your social media imagery, no matter what platform(s) you use! So here is your guide to image sizing for social media – enjoy! Facebook Image Sizes Cover Photo 851×312 pxEvent Cover … Read More

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Are You Sounding Caveman-ish? Avoid Grammar Mistakes

We just began using Grammarly here at Artsy Geek, because we can’t always be perfect! We wholeheartedly recommend our clients use even the free version because we see grammar problems and misspillings (joke!) regularly. We’re not judging (too much), however, your clients probably are. Read on to see if you’re even sounding a little caveman-ish. Their vs. There vs. They’re “Their” is possessive, as in … Read More

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How to Get Shares: the Social Way versus the SPAM-y Way

Do you get a lot of SPAM? We do. A ton. Of all different types. There’s the Viagra SPAM that thankfully ends up in the filter and the more direct, unsolicited email that finds its way (unfortunately) into our email boxes. Without exception, everyone has an agenda: Buy our leads!Outsource your development to us!NEW SERVICE you just have to use!We will SEO your site. You … Read More

Ask Artsy Geek: Is it possible to post too much on social media?

Welcome to our first edition of Ask Artsy Geek, your source for the inside scoop on all things artsy, geeky, or social media-y! Today’s question is about social media strategy: or, how to post all the right things in all the right places without inadvertently alienating your followers. We’ve been working on our social media strategy—we are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Instagram, Pinterest… … Read More

How Changing Your Cover Image Can Spur Engagement

One of the best things about social media is the ability to express your business visually on your profile page. Beyond a little thumbnail of your latest selfie, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all now offer various versions of a cover photo you can use to further enhance your brand.

Cooking up your social media strategy

Pick a Platform! Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Set a Schedule! Whether it’s an hour on Monday afternoons or fifteen minutes after lunch every day, the key is to set a schedule and stick to it. keep a list handy of CONTENT IDEAS! Not just blog posts or sales! This could be anything from videos, webinars, ebooks and whitepapers to reports and interviews. Whenever you’re … Read More

Strategic Sharing

The most effective marketing doesn’t need to be daily or weekly — it needs to be strategic. Here are three questions to ask yourself before posting, scheduling, or sharing: 1. Does this help establish my business as ___________________? Fill in the blank. How do you want to be perceived? Take us for example. We want to be seen as fun, approachable and knowledgeable. A good … Read More

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