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Three Reasons to Be Grateful for Every Unsubscribe

“Please all, and you will please none.”– Aesop When you take the plunge and authentically market your business, you are not going to please everyone. Sometimes this feedback comes in the form of unsubscribes to your newsletter. Here are three reasons to be grateful for every unsubscribe that comes your way. 1. That Person is Taking Care of Themselves We all get a TON of … Read More

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Are You Sounding Caveman-ish? Avoid Grammar Mistakes

We just began using Grammarly here at Artsy Geek, because we can’t always be perfect! We wholeheartedly recommend our clients use even the free version because we see grammar problems and misspillings (joke!) regularly. We’re not judging (too much), however, your clients probably are. Read on to see if you’re even sounding a little caveman-ish. Their vs. There vs. They’re “Their” is possessive, as in … Read More

Photo Prints

Our Favorite Places for Free Stock Photos!

While stock photography is great and all, sometimes our budgets just won’t allow it. Here are some of our favorite ‘go-to’ free stock photography sites that are easy to use and have amazing content: By far the best selection of free stock that I have come across on the web. You can browse their images through categories like popular searches, popular photos, photos by … Read More

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How to Get Shares: the Social Way versus the SPAM-y Way

Do you get a lot of SPAM? We do. A ton. Of all different types. There’s the Viagra SPAM that thankfully ends up in the filter and the more direct, unsolicited email that finds its way (unfortunately) into our email boxes. Without exception, everyone has an agenda: Buy our leads!Outsource your development to us!NEW SERVICE you just have to use!We will SEO your site. You … Read More

The Marketing Collaborative Movement Influencing the Growth of e-Commerce

Facing the new digital environment of ecommerce, a lot of brands and advertisers have realized that a majority of their old sales and marketing techniques are no longer effective. What’s more, the many different mobile devices and media platforms now used by consumers worldwide have fragmented the marketplace significantly, which has made it harder for advertisers to reach their audience at the right time and … Read More

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Artsy Geek Ranked as a Leading San Francisco Digital Agency, Again

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve retained our position as a Top San Francisco Digital Agency, according to an updated report by research firm Clutch! As it turns out, we are also ranked on Clutch as a Top Email Marketing Agency and a Top San Francisco Branding Agency, further highlighting our position as a full-service digital marketing agency. According to Eleonora Israele, Analyst at Clutch: “The selected … Read More

Finding Good Product/Blog/Article Keywords with Google Keyword Planner

One of the most difficult search engine optimization (SEO) tasks is coming up with good keywords for your content. Trying to guess what search terms people will use can be aggravating, and if you aren’t using a keyword research tool, the results can range from ineffective (no one finds your site) to counterproductive (people find your site but were looking for something entirely different). Multiply … Read More

Five Approaches to Collaborative Marketing You Can Use Right Away

Collaborative marketing?? What is that? Simply put, it’s teaming up with another business to share resources to generate leads and/or brand exposure. More technically, Collaborative Marketing is the process of aligning your company’s interests, resources, and marketing muscle with other like-minded companies to accomplish much more than you might be able to do on your own. ( Collaborative marketing offers an awesome opportunity to both leverage another business’s following … Read More

Ask Artsy Geek: Is it possible to post too much on social media?

Welcome to our first edition of Ask Artsy Geek, your source for the inside scoop on all things artsy, geeky, or social media-y! Today’s question is about social media strategy: or, how to post all the right things in all the right places without inadvertently alienating your followers. We’ve been working on our social media strategy—we are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Instagram, Pinterest… … Read More

How Changing Your Cover Image Can Spur Engagement

One of the best things about social media is the ability to express your business visually on your profile page. Beyond a little thumbnail of your latest selfie, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all now offer various versions of a cover photo you can use to further enhance your brand.

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