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Do You Need a Marketing Plan?

Do You Need a Marketing Plan?

If you’re asking yourself whether you need a marketing plan, the answer is probably yes. For most of us, marketing is not the stereotypical highway billboards, television commercial, and silly radio jingles. Marketing is talking about your business; spreading the word any way you choose to. Marketing acts as a bridge between your product and the consumer. It is a potent cocktail of consumer understanding, … Read More

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What Makes A Fabulous Referral Partner?

A referral partner is a business associate in a complementary field, who recommends your company and its services. The best referral relationships are reciprocal; in other words, you would also recommend their company and services to your clients and prospects. For example, the wonderful graphic artist needs an excellent printer to expertly reproduce their designs. And a printer needs a reliable graphic artist who produces … Read More

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How to Find Hashtags Relevant to Your Industry

Since hashtags are now an essential aspect of social media marketing, we put a lot of time into figuring out which to use in your campaign. Choosing the right hashtags to use depends heavily on your industry, what season it is, and your strategic goals. Although there are other methods of organizing shares, hashtags are still the best way to let users know what topic … Read More

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Hashtag Wha…?? Using Hashtags in Your Social Media Strategy

So, you’ve suddenly awoken from a lengthy coma and now have to think about social media marketing solutions. “What is this ‘hashtag’ term I constantly hear bandied about?” you might ask, if your coma was exceptionally long – say, since 1920. Well, we’re here to help! A hashtag is a social media subject categorization method using a keyword or phrase preceded by the hash symbol … Read More

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Your Website is a Delicious Slice of Layer Cake A La Mode!

Did you know that your website has a unique ten-digit address? To understand all the different layers of technology that make up your website, consider the layer cake analogy: Top Layer: Your Web Host Where your website files live. That is actual space on a server or cloud that you rent on a monthly or annual basis. Many domain registrars also offer web hosting. All your files, … Read More

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Social Media Imagery Cheat Sheet 2021

CHANGE! That seems to be the motto for all things social media, and we want you to be in the know. Check back with us every year for updates on how to best display your social media imagery, no matter what platform(s) you use! So here is your guide to image sizing for social media – enjoy! Facebook Image Sizes Cover Photo 851×312 pxEvent Cover … Read More

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Develop Your Marketing Muscles

Just like when you exercise regularly when you market your business regularly, you will develop strong muscles. Talking-About-Your-Business Muscle When you first start talking about what you offer and what makes you different, you’re likely to stumble over your words. Talking about it regularly helps you define your Unique Value Proposition and what key messages speak to your ideal client. Planning-Your-Year Muscle Successful marketing is … Read More

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Photo Credit 101

Incorrect or, gasp, no attribution can lead to nasty emails from photographers or — even worse — hefty fines from the copyright owner. Follow these guidelines to be sure you’re crediting your photos and images correctly. What’s the best way to attribute an image you want to use on your blog, social media post or website? Truth be told, it’s to not have to. Think about … Read More

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Five Ways to Use Mercury in Retrograde for Your Business

“Oh no!! Not Mercury in retrograde!!” For years, we wished the world of business would take a break while Mercury headed into it’s regular retrograde cycle. Sure, it does increase the potential for technology challenges, delays and miscommunications. But as Shannon Murray, our favorite astrologer says, “Mercury retrograde is so much more than the external world of delays. The delays on are purpose, they help … Read More

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