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Honey Packaging Design

Addicted to Package Design

This month one of our clients, Honey Salon in Bellingham, WA, was a part of a gala put on by a Medical Center Foundation and benefiting local philanthropic leaders. The invitations were designed and printed by the foundation. Honey was to include something for the affair’s ‘goodie bag’. They needed a clever packaging idea for little 3ml bottles of hair oil. We designed a presentation … Read More

WordPress Basics: the Photo Gallery

WordPress comes equipped with a way to make your post into a photo gallery.  I grabbed some photos of various Artsy Geek shenanigans to illustrate how it will look. You can customize the gallery based on what order you’d like your images to show up in (I chose random) and how many columns they should appear in. It’s as simple as uploading the images (you … Read More

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