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AG Named CMI Finalist

You Can Say a Lot in 30 Seconds: Artsy Geek Named Content Marketing Award Finalist Big news! We created a stunning animated video for our client, Fremont Bank, that was recently named as a finalist in CMI’s 2023 Content Marketing Competition for Best Short Form Video. How did our work become a finalist among heavy hitters like Purdue University and St. Regis Hotel? We were … Read More

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The Six Changemaker Archetypes

Here at Artsy Geek, we believe that there can be no justice until we rid the world of injustice. The Black Lives Matter movement needs us all to stand up and speak out. Even if it isn’t comfortable or convenient. Lucky for all of us, there is a place for everyone in the revolution. Every action is a worthwhile action in this movement. Each of … Read More

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Fonts to Avoid

Let’s talk about fonts! Specifically, the fonts that you should avoid. We have compiled for you a list of 8 different fonts that you (a designer, a sales-person, a chef, or whatever you are) should ALWAYS stay away from. Some of these you have probably heard of and some you might be surprised that a font like that even exists in the world. If at any … Read More

How to Install A Custom Word Template

Your custom Word template is made of three files: Template FileThis file is set up with the styles and formatting to make everything you produce in Word branded with your company’s look and feel. This file has the format “FileName.dotx” Theme FileThis file tells Word which colors should be default for your template. This file has the format “FileName.thmx” Fonts FileThis file tells Word which … Read More

Logo Formats: Where to Use What

When we create a logo for you, whether it’s a brand new brand identity or a rejuvenation of an existing one, we always give you a folder of various formats. While most of you know when to use which format, some of you might still be a bit lost. Hopefully this post will clarify why we format all these options for you, and when you … Read More

The Future of Business Cards?

The business card will always be associated with face-to-face networking, which sometimes seems pretty lo-fi in the digital age. While digital marketing is an essential component of any well-rounded strategy, we are a firm believer that printed brand collateral will always have its place. A business card is the lasting impression left in the hands of a potential client — the handshake they can hold … Read More


Font Wars

If you didn’t know, we at Artsy Geek have some thoughts and opinions on font usage. We might, some would say, be font-tators. (think font dictators). That’s mainly because we have some years of experience designing, studying, using and recommending fonts to our friends, clients and peers. We recently stumbled upon this article, though, that brings a bit more serious light into the world of … Read More

Best Elevator Pitch

Awesome Elevator Pitches

A great elevator speech in your pocket is your ticket to a polished and confident presence while you’re out networking, grocery shopping or walking down the street. Here’s how to craft yours. What Do You Do? Introduce what you do, but -– and this is essential -– begin with an action phrase that is not a noun. Stay Away From: “I am a personal trainer.” … Read More

What Makes a Great Logo?

Logos are not just pretty pictures to put on your business cards. They are the brand. Logos need to visually communicate the brand in as little as half a second. The best logos are simple and memorable while reflecting the personality of the brand.

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