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Five Ways to Use Mercury in Retrograde for Your Business

“Oh no!! Not Mercury in retrograde!!” For years, we wished the world of business would take a break while Mercury headed into it’s regular retrograde cycle. Sure, it does increase the potential for technology challenges, delays and miscommunications. But as Shannon Murray, our favorite astrologer says, “Mercury retrograde is so much more than the external world of delays. The delays on are purpose, they help … Read More

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Conversation Starters at Networking Events

Networking events where everyone is simply trying to pitch their business are no fun for anyone. So think of the event as a party at a friend’s house where you’re likely to meet some cool new people. Let go of any particular result other than you’re your own hero for getting out there despite what you really wanted to do (run, hide, cry, eat pizza). … Read More

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Why LastPass is Your New Best Friend

(Alternate title: Please get a password manager, Bro.) Everyone has had a password nightmare. Either a real life, full-blown panic trying to remember one or an actual nightmare where you’re trying to enter a password (whilst being nude at school). Using a password manager frees up your memory for things worth remembering AND it’s the safest way to save passwords. Using secure (not easily remembered) … Read More

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Uplift Your Energy and Creativity with Our Camp Artsy Geek Dance Mix

Downplay your workday slump and put some swing in your thing! Do you think music has no effect on motivation? Energy? Creativity? Well imagine going to any exercise class without music. Whah whah. Night night. (Yawn.) Research continues to show the link between brain function and music. Get your blood pumping and your brain working!

Finding Good Product/Blog/Article Keywords with Google Keyword Planner

One of the most difficult search engine optimization (SEO) tasks is coming up with good keywords for your content. Trying to guess what search terms people will use can be aggravating, and if you aren’t using a keyword research tool, the results can range from ineffective (no one finds your site) to counterproductive (people find your site but were looking for something entirely different). Multiply … Read More

Local is the Way to Go

Buy Locally! (Yes, even your website)

While there are tons of options to have your business’ design and marketing done through big online companies – like having a logo created on 99 Designs, or using Wix for an easy website – there are even more local designers and marketers who are stellar in their fields.


The Importance of Accessibility on the Web

Would you share your message in invisible ink? Did you know that our friends with visual impairments navigate the web completely differently? Without their eyes to guide them, they are reliant on the functionality and text of a website to get along. Accessible websites are designed to be easy to use for people with visual, motor, auditory and cognitive impairments.

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Back it up!

You’ve probably heard it before – it’s important to back up your data. Of course it’s prudent to back up your computer in case it’s broken or stolen, and external hard drives are now cheap and easy to use. But your online data is valuable to your business, and it needs to be backed up as well – even though it does not reside on … Read More

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